The "Should I buy this game" thread


I think 50-60% of the way through is where WD2 loses a lot of steam (once they go to not-burning-man).

Off that list, I’d go with Mafia 3. I LOVE that game.


I also gotta recommend against Golf Story but that’s because I think the game has really weird pacing and may be frustrating to play before bed. In the early-mid game it’s hard to actually hit a rhythm of actually playing golf as you are continually interrupted by characters and plot and, personally, I found that all a bit grating.


What did you like about Radiant Historia, if you don’t mind me asking? I saw it a few times and it piqued my interest, but my budgeting is making me apprehensive about spending money.


The story is REALLY good, though I like most things that use the Moving Between Multiple Timelines narrative device. The sidequests from what I remember were also very cool.

The game can get pretty grindy, though the 3DS version added a difficulty that just lets you win all the battles (partially why I’d play it again).


I’ll second Mafia 3 off that list. Really fantastic game that I think everyone should play.

Watch_Dogs 2 is a close second, and I don’t think it really slows down after bootleg Burning Man. I think it’s also really great all the way through, until right at the end when it fucks up real bad.


Yeah, it’s a great game but really doesn’t stick the landing, like at all.

But playing it non-lethal was a real blast, and I liked the characters and atmosphere. Might give it another playthrough before the sequel hits.

I’m less sold on Mafia 3, a lot of it was great but it felt like there was quite a bit of filler that was just a slog to get through.

Anyway, I’m also going to ask for some recommendations: I want to get more out of my Steam Link, and I’m also looking for low-intensity, podcast-friendly games. I just finished Steamworld Dig 2, which was excellent (and is/was free with Twitch Prime, so don’t sleep on it!). I’m thinking of getting Night in the Woods, but some of the rumblings about the dev’s behavior have me a little turned off :confused:

Maybe I’ll get back into Euro Tuck Sim 2 if I can’t find anything else…

(oh, and I’ve already put 150 hours into Stardew Valley, so that’s done ^^)

E: I should note that I love exploring, platforming, climbing and flying. I liked Rime, Grow Home, games of that nature. I also love racing games that hit the sweet spot between arcade and some (think Forza Horizon 3, and some of the NFS games).


I will just say NitW is not a good podcast game as it’s very Moody and you’d want to get acclimated to that.

Otherwise, as for good podcast games, I’ll just list a few that have controller support, and have been my go-to’s for a while:

  • Spelunky
  • GoNNER
  • Sea of Thieves
  • XCOM 2: War of the Chosen (Enemy Unknown is a great podcast game too, and cheaper)
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • StEEP
  • HITMAN (2016)

If you’re interested in seeing mouse and keyboard games I have a ton of strategy and management games to recommend as well!


Thanks for the suggestions! Strategy games aren’t really my thing, and I’m not looking for anything too difficult or intense, but I’ve been thinking about getting Steep for a while now, so I may just go for that. Spelunky looks pretty good too :slight_smile:


Those are both great choices! Steep might be my goty for 2016 and well, Spelunky is one of the smartest games ever made imo (and as a platformer, it feels fantastic to play).


Is Rise of the Tomb Raider worth getting? I’m selling a stack of games today and thinking about trading for it since it’s relatively cheap.


I really like it. If you played the first Tomb Raider reboot it is a bit of the same, but I thought it was a solidly fun experience. (If you have a PC that can play it I also have a key for it on Steam that I’m looking to get rid of.)


My primary platform right now is PS4 but thanks for the offer! I really enjoyed the reboot and it’s been a while since I played something like it, so I might bite the bullet and trade for it.


Same deal as the first one: solid combat, new Lara is awesome, story is meh. I really enjoyed it at the time, so if you liked the first reboot, yeah go for it.


There’s a lot more tombs to raid in this which is a big improvement. The combat didn’t really do it for me tbh (it’s pretty easy so I just tried to power through those parts asap) but there’s enough cool setpieces, puzzles, and collectibles to make it all worth it. And it’s one of those games full of little animations that I’m a sucker for (Lara squeezing out her pony tail after swimming, holding hands over fire, etc.) not sure that’s as much of a selling point for other people but it goes a long way for me when I spot details like that throughout!


It’s really good, better than the previous game even (which was also good).

The only bad thing I can say is the dlc is terrible, though it’s comes free with the PS4 version.


I just got a $100 gift card for steam. So far I’ve picked up Vanquish and Disgaea 2. Could you all recommend any games I can spend the rest of the $60 on?

I’m looking into the following:

Dying Light
Resident Evil 7

Generally I like tactical games, 4X grand strategy games, RPG games, and weird games. What do you think I should get?

Also this is slightly OT, but I feel insane and still can’t figure out how to start a new topic. Do you have to have a certain number of posts under your belt to start a new thread?


Thanks y’all! I ended up getting it and have really enjoyed it two hours in (It’s such a crisp looking game for something that came out in 2015)

That’s actually a thing in the reboot that I genuinely loved, ahaha. I did see the animation of Lara wringing out her ponytail and then I knew this was a good game.


Been playing Dying Light lately, and abandoned it, so personally I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s pretty cool at first but it doesn’t hold up. Lots of frustrating gameplay and a terrible story.


(Not sure what you’ve already played so excuse me if I recommend obvious things)

Into the Breach sounds well up your alley. If you include horror in weird, Detention is a must get in my book - it was my fav horror game of last year despite me also loving RE7.


Been loving Into the Breach! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have to check out detention.

I’m not super into horror because, I’m a big baby when it comes to horror movie or games but everyone has been talking about how good Dying Light is.