The "Should I buy this game" thread


Yeah I’ve been enjoying the sub stories, which frequently have hilariously sappy little morals at the end, but there ain’t no way I’m gonna study up on how to get good at shogi just for a Completion Point.


Tagging on to the AC:O question: Is the DLC worth it, next time it’s on sale?


Based on what everyone is saying about Yakuza 0 it is most definitely next on my list. I imagine I’ll have a similar playthrough. I always want to go and do everything, but soon realize that that is silly and I don’t want to spend all that time doing that.

I’m definitely looking forward to Origins now since everyone is so high on it. I’ll probably get the DLC since I’m going to be buying the game second-hand. If it is as fun as people say I’m sure I’ll want more to play anyway. It sounds like the best kind of dumb, and I’m so down for that!


Anyone have any thoughts on Cultist Simulator? Seems kind of interesting for a story focused game.


I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I do know it’s from Alexis Kennedy (creator of Fallen London and Sunless Sea) so it’s bound to be excellently written. (Plus, if you buy it before the 7th, you get free DLC add-ons for the life of the project.) I’m definitely planning to give it a shot.


It’s really, really good, if you like Kennedy’s style of writing for sure.


So…Warhammer: Vermintide 2…is it good? It just came out on Xbox One (on Game Pass too!) and I’m curious what people’s impressions are of it.


I came across a game called PC building simulator :stuck_out_tongue: Any thoughts on it?


I can only speak of the first vermintide, but if you like left 4 dead, this is a good take on it. Probably only play if you have some friends to play with!


extremely good. i dumped 200 hours into it in like 3 weeks oops
i played a LOT (~2500 hours) of left 4 dead 1&2 and no game, until vermintide 2 (didn’t like the first game), was innovative enough to hook me back into the same basic formula

it’s good


I only spent around 90 hours in it, before my friends having moved on made me walk away and join them in other stuff.

Pretty fun, pretty solid. Plenty of learning/challenge. I haven’t touched it in a bit, so I can’t speak to current community/activity, but I quite enjoyed my time with it.

Very fun melee system, classes are different and cool. Progression is nice to have in a L4D stule game in some ways.

It’ll be a lot better if you have people to play with, but is a rather solid game.


Update: I got into some Vermintide 2 on Xbox this weekend and it is Good. A Left 4 Dead style game with a more interesting theme than zombies and class-based progression systems is pretty much made for me. I just need to find more people to play with, because playing with randoms can be a little rough…


So I’m finally getting around to playing Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’m curious if I should just get the season pass now before I get to far in the game or if it gives you some weapon that totally warps the progression. The game sounds really fun, and from what I’ve gathered I’ll want the season pass to add more content. Plus since I bought it second hand it’s a way to support the developer too.


I’d say get a feel for the game before doing anything with the Season Pass. It’s a REALLY long game, with tons of stuff to do without the Season Pass, and that DLC content isn’t really accessible until you finish the main story. So I’d say that there’s no rush to pick up the Season Pass. Enjoy the base game, then see where you’re at once you’re at the finish line to see if you’ve had your fill of it, or want to continue to the DLC.


Alright thanks. I didn’t know if it added more fun stuff to do along the way or what. If you can’t get to it until late game I’ll just play and see where I’m at with the game then. Thanks again!


Yeah, it basically adds a few outfit things for Bayek, but otherwise, it’s pretty much all back-loaded, discrete pieces of content. No need to commit ahead of time.


Has anyone picked up NBA 2K19 yet? I’ve been thinking of picking it up as a way to break up the single player games I’ve been playing. I really love basketball so I’ve always been interesting in getting back into this game. The last time I played was maybe 4 year ago. I’ve just seen reviews that say the gameplay is great, but the micro-transactions are just out of control. That was what I kinda got the feeling of based on what I heard from that previous entries to the series.

I’ve also been interested in Madden 19. I’m much less interested in football, but still enjoy it from time to time. I’ve also haven’t played a Madden since Marshall Faulk was the cover athlete I think. So it’s been a long long time since I last played a Madden.

If anyone has any tips, pointers, or anything to share about either of these games I’m all ears. Thanks!


Aside from being from the same publisher are there a lot of similarities between Bastion and Transistor in terms of gameplay, plot structure, etc.? I find the visuals and tone of Transistor resonate more with my personal tastes, but I feel like I have read a lot about how Bastion is the better game. Is it a matter of playing one over the other or are they both worth checking out?


They’re both worth playing, but if you find Transistor the more intriguing of the two, then by all means, go for it. Bastion is more of a traditional action RPG, while Transistor is… well still basically that, but more abstracted and with very deep, flexible combat. I personally liked Transistor more, but I understand that’s not the general consensus. The real reason to play any Supergiant game is to soak up the art and atmosphere, and Bastion and Transistor are both excellent in those regards.


They’re both fantastic experiences, and you can’t really go too wrong. Bastion is fairly straightforward as a game- isometric brawler with good weapon variety. Beautiful, interesting setting, with a small cast of characters and a straightforward story with a nice pay-off.

Transistor is a more quirky, confident game. It’s combat is very much its own thing- it has two phases, one in which you dodge attacks in real time and build up meter, and the second in which the game pauses and you spend your meter as time in which you can unleash a perfectly planned series of attacks of your own. The setting and story are rich and emotionally powerful, but the game doesn’t spoon feed you, and expects that you’ll be able to piece together a lot of what has happened and why by yourself.

I would pick Transistor if you’re inclined that way- it’s a rare game in which every piece of art, music and mechanical design informs every other part. it feels complete in a way you almost never encounter, and it’ll stay with you after you finish playing. Just be aware that not everyone gets along with Transistor, so there’s a bit more of a risk than with Bastion.