The "Should I buy this game" thread


Is the original Syndicate still worth playing? And by that I mean is the UI so bad that it will be an immediate turn off?


So I think I’m finally done with XCOM for the next few months and I’m looking at taking the dive into Total War: Warhammer while it’s on sale at Humble. Does anyone have any recommendations on DLC? It seems like it’s mostly faction based so I’m not sure which ones are actually worth getting.


Having got Yakuza Kiwami from PS+, I seem to remember people recommending playing 0 as a good starting point that contextualises a lot of stuff that is in 0. Does that recommendation still hold?


I’ve only played 0, so I can’t speak to how it contextualizes things in the later games. But it just a fantastic game so I’d definitely recommend it.


I played 0 first and absolutely loved it. Then I played kiwami and found it incredibly dated in design by comparison. The mission structure is filled with uninteresting busywork, it definitely shows the Shen-Mue heritage a lot clearer.


Just picked up a PSVR wondering if worth to get Move controllers. Anyone have experience playing Super Hot, Beat Saber or Rec Room with dual-shock or are they as I assume hand tracking essential? and are those 3 games worth the Move price


Considering FIFA 19 because its on sale even though I’ve historically been a PES guy. Anyone played both and have an opinion? I don’t care about the respective gatcha modes, I’m all about manager/master league.

edit to add: the champs league license switching and the prospect of better commentary is tilting me towards yes at the moment.

and…nevermind I just bit the bullet because sale plus $15 psn credit burning a hole in my account.


I keep seeing images of Pokemon Let’s Go and while I really don’t care for the removing of battling wild 'mons Everything else about it seems charming and lovely. Is the ‘Go style’ catching bad, or is it something you can get over?

I’m worried that there’s essentially an XP cap since ou get it from battling trainers and catching pokemon, but you run out of balls/money to buy balls eventualy since there are a limited number of battles to get cash from.


This actually hasn’t been an issue for me at all yet (you also get balls from winning trainer battles, and they stack up). Though I do have some legitimate complaints about the catching system (which a couple of us have discussed in the Let’s Go thread here: Chilling With Slowpoke Simulator 2018 – Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee), they’re only really apparent in the late game, and I’ve still really enjoyed my time with it. It’s incredibly cute and charming and chill, and the Switch’s graphics give the different pokemon (especially your partner) a level of detail that makes them super endearing. So if that’s the type of experience you’re looking for, I’d say go for it.


I would back what @diglett said (and would recommend the friend), but money has not been an issue for me so far – in addition to the balls you get from trainer battles, you can also get Pokéball from NPCs if you are running low.

I have generally found the game to have an over-abundance of EXP rather than not enough (see my quibbles in the thread that Diglett linked) – it is not a game with a ton of resource shortage in general.


hm. I might pick it up in the next few weeks. Maybe on sale? I’d take 10% or so sale on it…

Thanks to you and @diglett for the info


Iconoclasts? I’m looking for more good story and platforming, just something to hold me over until Tales of Vesperia comes out again on 1/11.


Do you enjoy puzzle-platforming, lots of pixel art and chiptune music, very well-written characters and a story that quite literally shoots for the moon with its allegories and weirdly compelling theocratic-dystopia narrative? (I’ve seen a range of opinions on whether or not it succeeds on that last part, but I personally liked it a lot.)

Also, can you cope with some janky design, a slow start (the game’s back half is by far its better half) and a few annoying boss fights towards the start? If so, 100% yes. It’s got some flaws but I thought it was well worth pushing through them.


Bit late, so maybe you got answers elsewhere. I like most of the DLC races, but some of the earlier ones (beastmen) can feel barebones compared to some of the later, with what feels like the price being a bit inflated if you don’t want the mini-campaigns related to them. You run into the races regardless, but the one with Skarsnik and the Bugman ranger dude is real good. Very interesting take on existing rosters.


I’m starting to really like Iconoclasts about halfway through and definitely think it’s worth a purchase. If you have a Sony device (Vita or PS4), it’s free right now on PS+.


Hey all! So Tales of Beseria is on sale until January, and I was wondering if it’s worth it. I’ve only really played part of Tales of the Abyss, and I have a slight tolerance for anime-ass anime stuff, but not too much. Thoughts?


Berseria is probably my favourite of the Tales games, and definitely has the best characters of any of them. It’s definitely some anime-ass bullshit but it’s really fun anime-ass bullshit.


Berseria is probably the third best Tales game behind Vesperia and Symphonia, so I’d absolutely suggest getting it.

As for “Anime Ass Anime Stuff”, Berseria’s heroine has an incredibly sexualized costume (though you get a normal alternate costume pretty immediately if memory serves). What’s harder to deal with though, is a creepily sexualized little girl (who has terrible adult voice acting) that becomes a semi important side character three quarters in.


Yeah it’s definitely anime in a bad way at times, but I personally think it’s worth dealing with the anime bullshit for the characters. Besides the really awful clothing design for a couple of the women/girls, I can only think of a few scenes that made me quite uncomfortable. Which, for an extremely anime game with a 60 hour run time if you do the side quests, is better than I expected going into it.


There is a big ol’ sale going on on PSN, and I’m in the mood for a JRPG.
The one I’m leaning towards the most is Ni no Kuni 2, because I think it looks cute, doesn’t seem too long, and I like building towns.
There is also Persona 5, everyone says it is very good, but also very long. I’ve never played a Persona.
There is also Dragon Quest 11, everyone says its very good, but also very long, and terrible music. I’ve never played a DQ except Builders (which is a fun game).
But then there is also Valkyria Chronicles remastered, which I think people think is good? And it’s very cheap!

Help me choose! Or just tell me to buy Ni no kuni and I’ll do that.