The "Should I buy this game" thread


There might be an updated version of P5 coming soon, so maybe hold off on that one if the thought of missing out on new content bothers you.


I wish they could’ve just said now what the new version is instead of waiting until March for no reason. Maybe it’s better to wait just in case they really improve it somehow.


I’m seeing a few PlayStation VR titles on sale. I already purchased Moss but was wondering what else was good.

  • I loved Superhot on PC, is it as good in VR?
  • Doom VR? Skyrim VR?
  • Any other VR games worth a shot.

Bear in mind most FPS VR games have made me a big sweaty motion sick mess within 15 minutes.


I just finished Spider-Man. I really enjoyed it. So I’m curious to what the DLC is like. Has anyone played it? It looks like Black Cat and Sable are in it, but that’s all I’ve gathered from my super basic research. Thanks!


I’ve been going back and listening to Waypoint from the start, and after a few episodes in a row discussing Final Fantasy XV, I’m considering diving in. Does anyone know if there’s any difference in buying the Day One disc and the Royal Edition now? Were Austin and Patrick’s quality of life complaints (only being able to take one Hunt at a time, etc) patched out?


I know this is a super late reply, but if you likes Moss, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a must!


Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander? Just surprise released on Switch, and it looks really good? Has anyone played it?


The Royal Edition includes the Prompto DLC, which a lot of people think is clutch. I think they patched a lot of changes in over time to make the experience less tedious. I really liked FFXV but really didn’t pay attention to the specifics of the combat and avoided most of the side content, so when I got to the end of the game, the difficulty spikes swatted me against a wall. I never finished the main game as a result, so know that I guess? I really enjoy how experimental it is. Such a weird thing.


Has anyone tried Genesis Alpha One?


It’s weird that the difficulty spikes that way; in the discussions I’ve listened to I don’t think either Austin or Patrick have finished, but they say that any grinding at all puts you overlevel for story stuff. Thanks for the reply!


With Final Fantasy entries coming to the Switch, I have been debating whether or not I should finally check out some of the more “iconic” entries in the franchise. Some background: I owned a Gameboy Advance growing up and played Final Fantasy 1 & 2 (but can’t remember if I actually beat either) and played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance over and over and over again. I love everything about FFTA which has always made me think I could like a “proper” FF title (the world building, the classes, the aesthetics, how dizzyingly deep the combat can get) but I haven’t taken the plunge. I played a chunk of the remaster of 12 when it was released on the PS4 but ended up selling it (and the PS4) (to buy the Switch); I was enjoying 12 for what it is worth and thought the combat mechanics were pretty clever.

So, with the games coming to the Switch, is there a good point of entry? One final factor: I am a parent and maybe don’t have hours and days to spend on gaming. Am I at a point in my life where this series is not going to respect my time? Forty hours to beat a game seems okay to me but if these are games pushing north of that gives me pause.


Seven, nine and twelve are all incredibly good, but you know what your opinion of 12 is already. If you haven’t played seven that feels like the obvious choice. It’s simply one of the best games ever made. I think all those three are possible to finish in around 40 hours, but you might have to know what you are doing, I’m not sure. And you would miss side stuff. Seven probably has the tightest pacing.

Honestly honestly, I don’t think you can go wrong, but seven is the best one.


Thanks. This is both helpful and also harmful as now maybe I should just buy all three games?! Question about Nine: I find the character art really really weird and kind of off putting based on what I have seen in the Nintendo Direct trailer. I do not know how to articulate it properly but the giant foreheads and strange proportions really bother me. Is this going to be glaringly obvious throughout the game or is it saved for cut scenes? Is a hang-up over something like this silly or should I accept that as an indicator that I should stay away from Nine.


I was about to recommend 9 but if you’re not a fan of the art style then maybe skip it. It’s definitely more cartoony than 7 or 12’s more realistic proportions. While 7 does use that style when you’re out in the world, usually the characters look normal. Check the screenshots on the Steam page (same version that’s on Switch) to see how 9 looks 95% of the time.


Oh that’s a smart idea, thanks! This doesn’t look as weird as I thought it would.


How long do you think it takes to adjust to the clunky marriage of fixed camera and polygonal characters with pre-rendered backgrounds? As someone who didn’t grow up with PS1 games the aesthetic combinations are quite jarring.


For me that adjustment didn’t take too long, it’s pretty good at communicating where you can and can’t go. Still not quite got a grip on the lack of analogue movement though. It’s not causing any problems or anything, it just feels a bit weird.


I was just very put off by the timed section early on, I kept wasting time with screen transitions because of the fixed camera. Also an early cutscene that was intended to be emotionally impactful was just “pan from a beautiful background to Cloud’s blocky face” and I lost it.


I might be the wrong person to ask because I did grow up with the stuff, so never gave it any thought. The movement controls in it aren’t very good for sure, but I also don’t think it matters most of the time. Timed sections are rare.

I know people like to make fun of the character models in seven, but I think they are wonderful. Obviously simple in form, but they have animations that can with very small means express a lot.


I’ll probably adjust to it all over time, but I’m just coming off of VI, where the sprites also are very expressive, just in a different way that I’m more used to.