The "Should I buy this game" thread

A question for all while I have my coffee and think about anything other than the work ahead of me today:

I am someone who desperately wants a high fantasy fun game to play on the Switch. I have tried Dark Souls and found it too difficult, clunky, and for lack of any other way to put it melancholy. Playing it felt like a chore and while I will admit I did not make it very far, I am for better or worse the type of gamer who can’t play the first 5-10-20-whatever hours knowing the game takes off after that. On the other end of the spectrum for me is Diablo which I am not really clicking with because I am just not that interested in a loot shooter and find the gameplay pretty repetitive. It’s a more forgiving level of difficulty which is nice but the challenges feel artificial–adjusting the difficult turns enemies into bullet sponges and the only strategy I can discern is “don’t get mobbed.” In contrast to both of these games, a few years ago I was super in to Monster Hunter and dumped hundreds of hours into MH4U, hit g-rank, and had no problem with basic hook of that game or making sense of the deeper mechanics.

So, in April Dragon’s Dogma is coming to the Switch and given that it is a Capcom game I am curious if it is going to scratch my itch in a manner similar to Monster Hunter or am I going to find it comparable to Dark Souls / Diablo? To you, where does it fall within this arbitrary scale? Is it possible none of these games may be for me and I should just give FFXII another go?

Dragon’s Dogma is excellent, but also kind of rough! It’s not nearly as difficult as Dark Souls, but it does have a bit of a punishing streak. It’s a lot more mechanically interesting than Diablo 3 imho.

It’s worth noting that it does take a while to get going. It’s not boring in the first few hours, but it takes maybe 4 or 5 hours before it opens up.

Thanks! I think for me there is a difference between a game “opening up” and the sort of “if you just grit with it for a while things improve” mentality. I can handle handholding and gating content in the beginning of the game versus something like the Diablo 3 approach which is “game doesn’t start until you hit level 70, good luck getting there quickly.”

Can I ask for elaboration on what you mean by “it opens up”? Genuine question here; i have tried Dragon’s Dogma a few times and I always bounce back a few hours in, somewhat overwhelmed by how large the world is and how unclear the objectives seem to be. But I’m determined to someday crack the case and get in on that experience everyone says is a cult classic.

It opens up when you reach the big city after a few hours. At that point the map is pretty much open for you to explore. You also unlock the secondary class system, which opens up the game a lot mechanically.

It sounds to me like you’re making it to that point and then falling off, and I totally understand that! I’ve tried to replay the game twice, and bounce off as soon as I get to that point. There isn’t a lot of guidance after that and you really have to work for progress.

That makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll eventually be in the right mindset to push through that first hump.

Question for those who have played Objects In Space: is there a main story/plot to progress through, is it a complete open world sandbox, or somewhere in between? I really struggle with games that throw you into a bunch of mechanics and say “go! make your own fun!” – 4x games in particular, but also things like Euro Truck Sim etc where the gameplay experience itself is the reward. I thought Battletech struck a nice balance in that you could system hop and do as many missions as you wanted to upgrade your mechs and gear but you always had the main story to come back to when you wanted to make progress.

I’m really interested in the themes of the game as discussed by Danielle in her review and on the pod but I don’t want to buy it and then bounce off because of the mechanics.

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I’m getting that strange urge to play a JRPG that comes around every couple of years. I really don’t have the time for it but I’m considering picking up Final Fantasy 9 on the Switch. Anyone have any comments on that game or that particular version?

I’ve never actually completed a FF game, played a good chunk of 6 and 7. Might wait for the Switch version of 7 and try and make to the end, how does 9 compare?

Although I have a real soft spot for FF7 because of what it did for the genre, etc etc, I actually think 9 is the best PS1 era Final Fantasy. The plot is your relatively standard FF high stakes fun bullshit, but I really enjoyed the way the skills work (they’re attached to items but once you gain enough XP the character learns them permanently) and the characters are super interesting (ESPECIALLY Vivi, my favorite character in all of Final Fantasy).

I haven’t played the Switch ports yet (planning on getting FF7 as soon as it comes out) but since I have way way way less time than I did when I first played them I’m really excited about the built-in cheats. Auto-leveling, fast forward, skip random encounters, etc. AFAIK I know they’re the same as the PS4 port


I just finished Dragon’s Dogma on PC. I liked it alot although I think it’s somewhat uneven. My one concern about the switch version is the lack of modding ability. Specifically I had a mod on that removed Sprint fatigue when you’re out of combat, which made traversing the world soooo much more enjoyable. I’m legitimately not sure whether I would’ve stuckw ith the game without it.

Been playing it on and off on PS4 (can’t seem to get into it really) but that mod would be a god send. They let you sprint indefinitely in town, so why not outside of combat too? A lot of the time spent playing is just running between town and objectives, and on such a big map, it gets boring.

If you all are thinking about buying Baba Is You, the answer is “Yeah!”. It’s incredibly clever.


Thoughts on the newest Humble Bundle?

I’ve heard some good things about Dungeons 3 but I’m not sure about Civ VI and if maybe I should just stick to V.

I’d recommend against giving Stardock any money, ever. If you’re not already aware, they’re a pro-GG outfit. They have two games in that bundle.

Im aware and was planning to move their sliders to $0. Kind of just want Civ VI at this point but not sure how it stacks up against IV and V.

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Civ VI really didn’t offer me anything I wasn’t already getting with Civ V, and I personally like the new art significantly less. That recent expansion with the climate change stuff seemed interesting though, so maybe the add-on content is actually shaking up the formula in a bigger way. I remember there being a demo for VI on steam if you want to give that a shot before officially committing any money

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How’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2? I’m in the mood for a JRPG and I really enjoyed what I played of the first one (about half of it, I think). I have a high tolerance for the tropes of the genre, but some of the stuff I’ve seen around the game’s treatment of women gives me serious pause. Am I better off just playing Dragon Quest XI?

The standalone expansion, Torna The Golden Country, is that game at it’s best, so I’d recommend getting that first. Then if you feel like you want a longer version of that, and think you can handle a bit of anime teen romance and skimpy outfits, you can grab the main game and you’ll already have the season pass content because you got the expansion. Seriously, the expansion is incredible and I can recommend it without any of the caveats that would come with recommending the main game. And 2’s one of my all time faves.

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Yooka-Laylee is on sale on Switch right now for twenty bucks. I’ve been itching for a 3D platformer for a while and I’m really considering getting it, but I’ve read in a lot of places that it was a pretty meh overall. But I wonder how much of that is expectations and it not measuring up to nostalgia, which aren’t really issues for me. Anyone played/have feelings on it?

I bought it when it first came out. I had a lot of fun with it for the first two worlds or so and then some of the issues people had started to rub me the wrong way. I put it down for a long time and eventually decided to give it another shot because they had patched a lot of stuff. I again had a lot of fun and got quite a bit further. I think I was right towards the end.
When it’s good it’s really good. When it’s bad it can be really frustrating (there is a minecart boss that’s pretty unbearable) but a lot of stuff is optional.

That said, A Hat in Time is just pure fun. And so is Spyro: Reignited.

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