The "Should I buy this game" thread


Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard, and I’ve also heard that DS3 is very good. As a soon-to-be-dad I’m all about rationing my gaming time so I think I might just read a summary of DS2 and skip to 3.

I mean, first things first - gotta beat DS1


Good hunting! Also, congratulations!


Dark Souls 2 is good!

No souls game will ever be as good as the first one that clicked with you because the discovery aspect of the game is diluted given your understanding of how to approach a souls game. That being said, Dark Souls 2 and 3 both have some real good moments and are worth playing through!

EDIT: worth noting, the latter two games have much more linear maps. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your preferences (for me I wasn’t digging it, but I recognize that it is different for everyone).


Team composition is a mechanic that is baked into each aspect of the game and very easy to grasp. Basically, some characters can only do certain abilities when in different parts of the row, which it will tell you right in the UI (you can even see where your character is best fitted). You basically make a team with someone being good in each of the 4 spots.

As for party building, its much more X-com than it is EO. You will have plenty of room to have 1 or more of each class and will make use of almost everyone.


Thanks for sharing this! I’m on the fence right now about getting DD on Switch, and keep hearing not to get the DLC. Is there a simple answer as to why not?


Dark Souls 2 is my favorite of the series… I HIGHLY recommend it.

Edit: To Elaborate – Visually Great World Design, IMO hits the “Dying Earth” narrative so well – best of the series in that sense even if the actual pathing of the levels is a little less clever. While Dark Souls 1 has my favorite Boss Fights, I feel that DS2’s are stronger across the board. The narrative realizations you put together at the end of the game are awesome. So many smart little callbacks to DS1. Really good DLC if you get Scholar of the First Sin (one annoying bit in one of the three DLCs, if you do).

And Majula is GORGEOUS. By far my favorite “home base” of any FROM Software game.

IMO Dark Souls 3 was somewhat of a letdown in comparison, but YMMV.


Simple answer: the Courtyard is an absurdly long mission you need to do over many in-game weeks, and when you finally finish it, you have to do it again. Twice. There’s no twist or anything especially inventive, it’s just the same grueling thing again but with a different map and a different boring boss at the end. Needless to say I gave up after the first one. It’s just… not fun, and feels like they maybe wanted some kind of Endless Mode for people who enjoy grinding? The basic DD campaign can already get repetitive, but at least it keeps introducing new kinds of encounters in harder dungeons, and the final one has some really neat ideas mechanically. Crimson Court is just the same boring slog thrice.

It’s a shame, because I was really into the concept of mosquito vampires.


Also sorry for the double post but I’m gonna drop a dissenting opinion here to say that Dark Souls 2 is the worst soulsborne I’ve played. Majula and Heide’s Tower are just breathtaking, and then nothing in the game after that lives up to this great early impression, except maybe for the DLCs, which just made me think “why can’t it all have been like this.” The times when it’s good, imo, is when it captures the Souls series’ signature sense of melancholy grandeur, and most of the game just isn’t that.

That said, if you already have it, hey, give it a go, it has its moments. God knows I’ve finished it something like four times.


Last year I would have been a Dark Souls II defender but uh, you can skip it. It’s like, fine. And maybe the best if you just want to try out different outfits and swords but that’s kind of all it has going for it on the whole and it’s about 30 hours too long with the DLC


The DLC is inCREDIBLY long, and some of the DLC bosses are extremely unpleasant. My playthrough was fully 100 hours, by far the longest of any Souls game I’ve played.


Dang. I don’t know if I have that much time. I think I’ve got like… 40? in to DS1 and while I maybe haven’t done everything I’ve got the end in sight.


Was considering picking up Rain World while it’s on sale on Humble. Opinions?


Hey, I posted about this game in the “Games you wanted to love, but didn’t” thread. Here’s my opinion on that game:

Rain World is so much a game that appeals to me on every level: a willfully obtuse, wordless Metroidvania with procedural animation, a strong survival element, physics-based combat, sharp but slightly unpredictable controls, in a strange future setting with a mysterious past whose history you learn through observation.

However, the core gameplay loop ended up killing the game for me. As a weird little creature, your goal is to progress through the world in spurts of time that are bookended by brutal rainstorms that will ultimately kill you if you don’t find a designated shelter in time. If you survive through a ‘day’, you increase your ‘time level’, which grants you access to new gated areas should you find them. If you die, though, your ‘time level’ decreases by 1, and you load at the last-used shelter.

The timeframe between rainstorms is short, and the distance between shelters is great - so great, that often you have to simply turn around and go back to the shelter you were just in, rather than continue forward and expect to find a new one in time.

Beyond the rainstorms, there are also the everyday threats of a variety of predators, almost all of which are larger and more resilient than you, who will hunt you across as many areas as it takes to catch you. Sometimes, they are so threatening that you have to just return to a shelter to sleep away the encounter.

The frequency with which you spend time making no progress is often compounded by the fact that the map is absolutely massive and multi-layered (the devs say there are over 1000 unique screens), and you’ve often only got the faintest direction on where to go (if you have any direction at all). In the end, I had to give up the game, because I was spending an hour or two at a time and often I was ending my time with the game in the exact same spot that I had began, both chronologically and spatially.


DS1 is a significantly shorter game, yeah. It’s much better for it, too.


What do you all think of Steep?

I started reminiscing about SSX3 and now I really want to play a snowboarding game.


I love Steep. It’s VERY open ended and self directed, but if cruising around gorgeous mountain vistas looking for good runs sounds appealing to you, I highly recommend it. Top 3 game for me in 2016.

Also, Re: Dark Souls 2, this is worth watching, specifically part 3 on world design, pretty heavy spoilers tho, and massive spoilers in the narrative section but explains why i think its so good


That sounds really good to me. Did play the expansion pack at all? It looks like there is version with that stuff bundled in.


I haven’t played that stuff yet, but I want to. Next time I get the Steep itch I’m gonna pick it up, but grinding and snowboard parks sounds really cool.


I watched that video right before I replayed II and it got me really excited for it! But actually no I just don’t think that video is actually all that good and it makes some assumptions that benefit the game despite a lot of it being haphazard design and does so while being kind of condescending to everyone else in a lot of ways that are kind of unnecessary

And whatever that game is fine better than most even, but its by far the most skipable Souls game especially if you’re short on time so while I don’t think Dark Souls III is all that much better in the grand scheme I do think it’s much easier to recommend and it’s not that hard to go back to II later on anyways.


Cool. I think I’m gonna bite the bullet and pick it up tomorrow.