The "Should I buy this game" thread

Basered game is all you really need. Also, there’s no failure state in the default mode. The management aspect is as demanding as you want it to be. I’d advice, embrace failure, don’t get too attached to any particular individual and just try stuff out.

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Remnant From the Ashes is on sale. But since i don’t have online, i have to ask how vital is co-op? From all the talk i’ve heard on the game it seems deisgned for 2 player play. If you can’t co-op, Is it still good without co-op?

I didn’t play much solo, but I think the game was balanced with solo in mind. There are a few bosses that feel way too chunky in 2p that were not in solo in my experience.

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I played the game solo entirely. You can definitely tell it’s designed for co-op experiences at certain moments, mainly due to swarming enemies. If you don’t mind a high difficulty and a lot of crowd control, you might be able to enjoy it solo, like I did. Game feel holds up no matter what! But it definitely depends on how engage with these kinds of games.

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As for me, I’ve been debating picking up Void Bastards. For folks who picked it up, where do you stand on it?

I thought it was well made and has a killer aesthetic, but I’m just not a huge fan of roguelikes. If you’re more into the genre than I am, I say go for it.

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If you’re into roguelikes, jump on it. If you have Game Pass, run do not walk. If you like the idea of Cara Ellison voicing some sassy Scottish pirates, maybe watch some footage first?


I don’t know if I am actually tempted to buy it but I am curious what folks may have to say about Star Ocean First Departure R (or Star Ocean in general). The game is being released on the Switch and PS4 next week and I understand it is a port, of a port, of the first game in the franchise. Having been online for the 15-20 years, I know the series has some serious fans and the second game is considered very good (?), but what is appeal to a broader audience? Seems like a sci-fi Final Fantasy action RPG which, as I write that out, seems cool despite the fact that I am now at a point in my life where I find the old FF games too long.

Okay y’all, I’m thinking about playing a Halo game for the first time in my life (ignoring some multiplayer matches in high school). Should I grab Reach, or wait for Combat Evolved? I won’t be playing a lot of multiplayer if that’s a factor.

Combat Evolved is an absolute classic in my books but it also has a very slow, specific rhythm to it and half of it is a very subpar early 2000s corridor shooter. Reach is much more consistent, tells a better story, and is Bungie operating at the height of its powers sending its flagship series off properly. I’d say your time is better spent in the company of the latter.


I kinda like how 343 is rolling out the games in story chronological order. I’d say jump on Reach now and play the games as they come out. Don’t expect anything profound, but it tells a pretty good sci-fi story wrapped up in some fun combat design.

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Reach is a really solid campaign, and the events of it lead directly into Combat Evolved. It’s a perfectly good entry point for the series.

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Well that sounds like a resounding “you should buy it,” so I will!

Thanks for the feedback!

I picked it up via Games Pass. But if it were every going to come out of Games Pass I’d pick it up again in a heartbeat.

It probably is a case of style over substance, looking like something out of a 2000AD comic but in terms of roguelikes it does well to create a first person - FTL with system shock styled RPG elements.

I would start with Combat Evolved. I don’t think it’s been bested as a Halo game and it is the game that Bungie and 343 have all been chasing the ghost on with subsequent Halos. You can take every level of that game and see them try to repeat it in following games. In terms of mood, I don’t think many other games come as close to having you walk out on this perfect alien world. After CE - Halo kind of became a convuluted space opera.

I don’t think playing CE now would have the same impact as when it first came out but the anniversary edition is cool in the way you can flip between xbox and 360 graphics. To be honest the Master Chief Collection is a real good proposition in general regardless of whether you play MP or not.

Reach is probably my personal favourite of all the Halo games, it just has this dark melancholic tone of a whole planet on fire and humanity fighting a losing battle against an overwhelming force. In terms of a Bungie Halo game it is probably the most fully featured and most ambitious. Still think you have to play Halo CE to appreciate Reach.

ODST is real good as well. Generally whenever Bungie got away from the adventures of Master Chief it was usually better.

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This is why I would really love it if they could pivot away from Master Chief in Halo Infinite and going forward. I think there’s lots of cool stories that can be told in the Halo universe that don’t involve him. But I don’t have high hopes, as there was a lot of pushback on Halo 5 for featuring a non-MC PC for over half the game, and them taking the wrong lesson from that. (The correct lesson would have been that if you have us play as someone other than Master Chief, please make that character enjoyable, engaging, and not bland as hell - otherwise, you might as well just be playing as Master Chief).

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@vehemently @Glorgu

I ended up picking up remnant and have played the first few hours in the last couple of days. The opening is not super strong, but as soon as they give you an actual gun, i think it picks up quickly. Having a good time so far, thank you guys!


I’m really torn on Void Bastards. I finished it up the other night and it’s fun, but I feel like the pacing is off for a roguelike.

There are 15 weapons and you can only take 3 with you per mission. You have to unlock them first and they’re all useful, but some are just… better? It would be fine if ammo was scarce, but I rarely felt like I couldn’t take the best gun for the mission. Ships have random traits, and sometimes that makes things super easy, other times it can be a nightmare. But if a ship looks dicey, you can just skip it. Again, if the game was stingy with food and fuel, you might wind up having to make tough choices, but on the default difficulty I just didn’t have that pressure.

Which, okay, turn the difficulty up. But the campaign is 8 hours or so. It feels like it’d be fantastic if you ran through the game in an hour or two. You unlock challenge modes that look like they’d really shake things up after completing the campaign. But I just didn’t feel like investing another 8 hours even though I suspect it would be better on a second playthrough. Absolutely worth a look if you’re on game pass, but I kind of wish it was a shorter experience you played over and over, you know?

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I just learned Ashen has been released on the Switch and I can distinctly remember how excited folks on Waypoint Radio were about this game. I remember checking out the game back then, and am looking at some Switch footage now, and it seems very cool in a lot of ways. It has an aesthetic and world building that I can really get behind. Now here is why I am posing a question in this thread instead of just getting the game. I have tried both Bloodborne and Dark Souls and was absolutely trash at these games. I couldn’t make it to the first boss in Bloodborne (those enemies at the start of the game yelling “you are not welcome here” were a little too on the nose) and similarly hit a wall very early into Dark Souls. I made a decent effort at trying to “get good” at Bloodborne but ultimately realized I liked hearing/reading about the struggles and processes of others mastering a Souls game more than trying to do it myself. I loved everything about the games spare playing them.

Given my prior struggles, am I going to find Ashen inaccessible? Is it a good introduction to the Souls genre?

I would say that while it isn’t necessarily the easiest game out there, it definitely is more accessible than the main Souls games. One nice thing is that co-op is always on unless you choose to disable it. What that means is that if it can match you with someone who is in the same area of the game, you’ll kinda merge worlds and be able to revive each other. If it can’t match you with someone, there’s always an AI companion. So it’s certainly challenging, and there are a few not-so-great difficulty spikes with some bosses, but it is definitely more accessible in my opinion.


Hey, thanks! The co-op function sounds nice. My brother and I have a long back and forth about trying and failing to get into Souls games so maybe I can convince him to get this with me and we can co-op it.

Edit and update: looked into the game more, texted with my brother, and we’re taking the plunge tonight. Thank you @Gjallarsean!

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