The "Should I buy this game" thread

Yeah I was looking at Steam to see what was currently around mech wise and it stuck out. I have to say looking at gameplay videos they seem enjoyable and some of the combat cutscenes are pretty flashy looking. I’ve been looking for something new that’s strategy focused and I do like Gundam so I’ll probably give it a shot.

Thanks for the breakdown!

Have any folks played Banner of the Maid? It’s a TRPG that has been on Steam for a year or so I think and is coming to Switch next month. It’s “set” during the French Revolution which seems interesting and looks like it has pretty good sprite design. It, uh, also has a lot of cleavage for the character designs which I find to be a bit unfortunate.

It’s only $15 so it’s not a huge investment but curious if it actually delivers on the premise and pleasant tactics.


I just got a Switch Lite. I’ve made a decent list of games that might interest me, but there is one that I’m a bit more curious on. What is Animal Crossing: New Horizons like? I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game before, and all I really know about them is that Tom Nook takes all your money and you have to go around doing a bunch of tasks and such. I’m sure there is more to it, but I just wanted to see if someone had a way of explaining it better to me so I would know to leave it off my list or not. Thanks!!

Also do I remember correctly in hearing that you need to buy a service to play games online on the Switch now? I feel like I remember hearing something about it, but since I didn’t have a Switch at the time I didn’t pay a ton of attention to it. I want to know if I need to budget an extra fee in when looking at getting games like Smash Bros and Splatoon. Thanks again!!

The online is $20/year. Lacks a lot if features. You get some free NES and SNES games with it. For me it’s an okay deal.

AC:NH is just Animal Crossing but new. Most people seem to like it? It’s best for playing 20-30 minutes a day. I like it a bit less than previous ACs because there’s a lot of tedious garbage. On the whole it’s fine.

anybody end up playing this maid game? i’m curious.

Austin seemed positive about it on the pod

Between Austin’s pretty warm review on the podcast and reading some stuff I am planning to get it… at some point. Still not entirely won over by the character designs.

I feel like Animal Crossing is a hard game to explain, but you can sort of sum it up by asking:

a) do you enjoy grinding in a video game, like the actual act of it, irrespective of any reward that comes afterwards?

b) do you enjoy the feeling of clearing a checklist, and working towards long-term goals?

c) do you enjoy characters that are both relatively flat, in that they never change and are fairly one-note, but really perfectly hit that one personality trait that they have?

d) do you find escapist fantasies generally appealing?

e) are you someone who marathons a game until beating it/burning out on it, or do you like playing things a bit at a time?

If the answers to that are all yeses (and the latter for e), then you’d probably vibe with ACNH. If it’s a mix, then maybe (I’m a mix, and I loved it). If they’re all nos, then I’d skip it.


Thanks for the tips with Animal Crossing. I’m a mix so I’ll probably hold off for now unless I can get a really good price. I have so many games to catch up on already this one can wait. Thanks!!

I started playing it yesterday and I’m having fun. I’m just around chapter 5 ; so far the combat is not that punishing but I have had units retreat from the battle due to careless positioning. As a whole the character design and writing is enjoyable, even if there is a lot of gratuitous cleavage and the translation is sometimes awkward.

Yea, I play my Switch a lot in the company of other people or on public transport and I don’t think I can handle someone seeing me looking at big anime titties on the morning commute


Speaking of the Switch, should I get Xenoblade Chonicles (1 or 2)? I like rpgs mostly for the characters and story and this one has great reviews, but the huge female chests make me think this game isn’t for me.

Both games have really excelent characters and story, so on that front you’d be really well catered to by them imo. The first game has some kinda scetchy moments in regards to how it treats it’s women but it’s vastly outweighed by the good stuff I feel. It kinda tries to be horny with it’s costume design sometimes but it mostly falls flat on it’s ass in really funny ways. 2 is playing with some very traditonal anime romance stuff, so it definitely works better if you’re into that kind of thing, but all it’s characters are excelent. Iif you can take stuff like Pyra and Mythra being very archetypical on the surface, plus some of the stuff that comes with those archetypes, it’s REALLY worth it.

But the actual answer is to play the Xenoblade 2 standalone expansion, Torna The Golden Country, which I can honestly recomend with no caveats. It’s SO good. All timer, really.


Purely on the chest front, XC1 isn’t too bad. XC2 is really rough. Don’t know why they took a step backwards because XC1, while definitely anime-inspired, has a unique art style with mostly reasonable outfits (and one or two not so great ones).

Edit - Also the person above mentioned Torna and I agree, it’s actually better than the base game. Totally viable to play the expansion alone without ever playing XC2. It’s also a shorter JRPG experience, which I personally always welcome.

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I’ve been playing it! In terms of tactics gameplay I’ve found it’s to be a pretty pleasant Fire Emblem like experience, there’s been a lot of good variation in the main mission design so far, and it’s been tough without being super punishing (ie. no permadeath). The character designs have its share of cleavage for sure, but the game isn’t horny at all beyond the low cut dresses on the portraits (so far). Still not great but it’s not the worst.

The games politics are really rancid though. Lots of “revolution bad, royals and rich nobles good” they straight up even do a whole “well the rich nobles were job creators” thing. So if that’s a turn off.

That honestly is a major drag.

I think I would prefer that to the incredible lib brained Assassin’s Creed: Unity framing

As a follow-up to this, is Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a no-brainer if I like the original? I’m about 40 hours in an I can already tell it’s going to be an all-time favorite JRPG for me. I know XC2 isn’t supposed to be as good and the character design is horrid, but is the moment-to-moment gameplay at least comparable? The gigantic open environments are a big draw for me too, if that matters.

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Not gonna call it a no-brainer, but you’ll probably still enjoy it. I liked it much much less but still spent a ton of time with it.


Banner of the Maid is out on the Switch eShop again. Is it worth 17€? Is it similar to FFT, Fire Emblem or does it do it’s own thing? Has anyone finished it?

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