The "Should I buy this game" thread

Is Ni No Kuni on switch worth $15?

Yes, absolutely. Kind of slow start and combat isn’t the most engaging thing in the world but wonderful art, story, and for that price a steal.


As someone whose favourite game on the Switch is Fire Emblem: Three Houses and is currently really digging Persona 5 Royal, would Tokyo Mirage Sessions: FE be enough to tide me over after I finish PE5?

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Absolutely! Although keep in mind that it mostly is straightforward Persona style game with some FE flourishes, and that it leans more in a dungeon crawler direction than Persona’s social links. It’s still a great time with fantastic music, I highly recommend.


Hey folks, is Hunt: Showdown worth investing time and money into if you have no friends to play with, and you’re also not looking for a game with a steep difficulty?

I’m guessing “no”?

I loved Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. I had complicated feelings about Andromeda. A lot of people have recommend I play Horizon Zero Dawn which is now available for the PC. This would be a big purchase for me. To justify it, it would have to be the kind of game that I can spend hours enjoying. That said, one of things I hated about Andromeda is that it was just fetch quest after fetch quest with what felt like zero stakes whereas in the ME trilogy your choices actually impacted play and story in the sequel. It also felt like they optimized combat in a way that feels in line with other shooters but doesn’t really do anything for me. The combat in Andromeda was not as exciting as I suspect they wanted it to be for me, one of their avid fans. In many ways, the combat felt better suited to multiplayer arena fights than for the campaign.

What meant a lot to me about Mass Effect was forming emotional connections with the Normandy crew. The ability to build relationships that carry forward in your playthrough was so good in the trilogy.

Would you recommend HZD?

HZD is a fantastic game, but probably not a great Bioware replacement. It’s closer to a Ubisoft open world game than a modern Western RPG, although there are some overlaps (namely the dialogue choices and open world elements). Still worth checking out, but it may not scratch the itch you are looking for.

For something more BioWare/Mass Effect flavor, might I suggest games like Vampyr or Wasteland 3? Vampyr in particular I really loved, although setting wise it won’t hit Mass Effect’s cool sci-fi world.


This might be stating the obvious but have you played the Dragon Age games? I haven’t played much of them myself but since they’re the same developers I’d imagine that would be my next step if I wanted the building a crew and having hi-jinks under high stakes of Mass Effect feel.

HZD is cool but Napster is right, it’s very much a Ubisoft style open world albeit far more polished and enjoyable to play IMHO.


Thank you, I’ve heard of DA, but haven’t given a try. I definitely lean more towards sci-fi in taste for these games, but it seems like for the reasons you and Navster have stated I might be better suited to checking out these other games before dropping larger dollars on the HZD.

Ok, I made the assumption that you had played other BioWare games, but if not then that opens up a lot of possibilities. Since you’re on PC, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is easily available for cheap and holds up today. If you want Mass Effect, nothing beats BioWare’s direct predecessor to it.


I’ve definitely played KOTOR 1 and 2. I found Mass Effect because I went to a GameStop and asked the clerk what other games are there like KOTOR and they pointed me to Mass Effect. But yeah, I’ve been reticent to play DA for the simple fact that I love fantasy in certain mediums more than others (I used to be a D&D fanatic) and so when I play video games I’m really all about that sci-fi, but I’ll probably have to check out DA sooner than later.

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Oh good, glad you got to play those then! One last rec that popped into my head is The Outer Worlds. It’s a space RPG that came out last year from the devs behind KOTOR 2. It’s not perfect, and it’s parody of future corporatism may grate on leftist sensibilities, but if you can look passed that it’s a fun old time. Plus it’s got a really fun crew to interact with on your space adventure!


On gamepass I would recommend right now:

  • The Outer Worlds
  • Alan Wake
  • Dishonored 2 (leaves gamepass on 10/1… but given recent news will probably be back soon)
  • Mutant Year Zero, turn based tactical RPG but it’s got an interesting sci-fi setting and characters
  • Yakuza 0, not a sci-fi RPG but a pretty great RPG if you’re there for story and characters

Oh yes The Outer Worlds is definitely worth a go if you’re into sci-fi. It felt like a campy sci-fi b movie to me.

Alright, everyone talking about Hades has me considering a purchase despite it blowing through my gaming budget this month, and an immense backlog just sitting there. One question though, how long are typical runs? Currently I’m playing Slay the Spire as my before bed game, but I would prefer something with shorter runs (thinking ~20 minutes) so I’m not inadvertently staying up late. Does Hades fit that bill?

A full run to the end probably ends up being in the 30ish minute range (though I’ve only reached the final boss once).

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30 minutes sure beats an 1+ hour deep StS run, sold!

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Has anyone played BPM: Bullets Per Minute? It looks like an interesting FPS rhythm game which is not something I don’t think I have seen done before.