The "Should I buy this game" thread


Awesome, feel free to hit me up if you have questions


I agree that it’s unnecessarily condescending, though I think that the sections on World Design, and specifically Narrative design are the least condescending and have value. I’m of the opinion that Dark Souls III is skippable because in my opinion it plays like a greatest hits album, so this could just be one of those situations where agreeing ain’t gonna happen.


Just wanted to say that I ended up picking up XCOM 2 + the minor DLC but not the WotC yet (although I definitely will next sale). This game is so great and I’ve already sunk probably too much time into it. I’ll probably end up writing a bigger post about this game once I’m done with my first playthrough but if anyone else is considering this game but doesn’t know if they need to get WotC I can safely say after 38 hours the base game itself is more then worth it on it’s own. It does such a good job of building on top of what the first game started while also knowing what to cut (looking at you air combat).

The best moment so far was getting Hail of Bullets as a random perk on a ranger and realizing I now had a character that quite literally snipes aliens with a shotgun. Also the Alien Hunters DLC is worth every penny for the throwing axes, there is nothing quite like chunking this huge axe to finish off enemies.


I know I might be late, but I want to chip in my 2 cents! StEEP is a game that doesn’t know what it wants to be, but that doesn’t stop it from being one the best open world sports games since burnout paradise. As @M_o mentioned, it is very self directed, but I feel it’s the best implementation of ubisoft’s open world formula for that exact reason.


Soooooooo, XCom 2 is $20 on Steam now, which is mightyyyyyy tempting to me.

Any ideas how it would run on a Mac Book Pro that’s 2 years old?


I really want the Civ6 expansion but I don’t know if I can negotiate spending $30 on it. The parts that appeal to me the most are the cities trading civilizations or becoming independent due to loyalty.


Probably kinda like butt, but XCOM2 + WOTC would probably be fun with just Xs and Os on a grid.


Late to respond, but I have to say…nah. I was a HUGE fan of the first three Mass Effect games. I thought 3 was great (though the first game is actually my favorite). Andromeda is not good. It’s the only Mass Effect game I haven’t finished, and I actually put like 40 hours in trying to make myself like it. Keep in mind, too, that you’re going to get a (poor) opening chapter to a probable trilogy that is now effectively dead. If you really want to give it a shot, I’m not going to tell you there’s not fun to be had. There are moments. But overall…that shit hurts.

@dogsarecool You should absolutely play Dark Souls 2. It’s a great fucking game. For me, at least, it has the most interesting lore if not the most interesting gameplay. Don’t listen to the haters.


dark souls is on hold because a new Kentucky Route Zero thing happened so I have to play through Kentucky Route Zero again


Heeeeeyyy so Monster Hunter World looks amazingly cool, but I don’t really, uh, have friends to play games with and don’t like playing with strangers, and I have some wrist disabilities that make games that rely really heavily on reflexes and fine motor control/unpausable games really difficult for me, e.g. I literally couldn’t get past the first area on dark souls after six or seven hours and gave up. Is this game something I should be considering?


I can’t speak to the wrist issues, but I’ve been playing solo so far (up to the fourth aream out of ???) and it’s been great so far.


I’ve been watching a bunch of people play/talk about Dragon Ball FighterZ, and I’m super interested. It looks amazing, and it’s getting me super nostalgic for going to my friend’s house to watch DBZ on Toonami after school. I’m just concerned that I’ll be wasting my money if I get it. I have never played a fighting game, and just don’t have the time to learn all the intricacies and things of a fighting game. So would I still have fun if I can never get really good at it? I’m just worrying that I’ll just get destroyed online, and I’ve heard the story mode isn’t very good.

Also another game that has my eye is Titanfall 2. Is the community still active? I know the single player is really good. I’m just wondering if I might be able to play some online to get more of my money’s worth. Thanks everyone!


So I’m still wondering about the validity of soloing MHW, considering a comment Patrick made on the podcast about the necessity of linking up with someone as the game ramps up. I don’t necessarily mind matchmaking with a random, but is a solo playthrough doable or no? Do the tougher monsters have lower HP if you go alone? Any advice would be appreciated cuz I’m pumped about getting into the series.


I’ve been completely solo through the first 20-30 hours and it’s been great. AFAIK monsters scale with how many players are in the party, and you get your cat who can tank/heal which is a lifesaver.

Really enjoying it, and don’t feel like I’m missing anything.


The majority of the community is dead on PC. Last I played it was sitting at ~1,000 on weekends which is not many players at all I can only imagine it has gone down since. That said if you can get a few friends to buy it as well there is a pretty fun new co-op mode that is wave defense based.

If you don’t mind playing against people who have probably been playing it much longer then you it is still a fun game.


Yeah maybe I can make a post about it or something to get a few people to play with. I’m on PS4 so I imagine it will be even more dead than the PC. I just picked it up at Walmart because they knocked down the price. It’s was like $15 so I thought why not at that price.


I picked it up for 12 bucks in a PSN sale in like October and it was still populated enough to get into a match without too ridiculous of a wait. The real tragedy was that there is only one game mode that anyone plays (attrition) which is kind of a bummer. Fell off after playing about 40 hours of it and got caught up with other games, but it’s still an excellent multiplayer shooter and has a solid campaign too, enjoy it!


You can definitely have a ton of fun playing Monster Hunter World solo. You may not be able to do everything in the game that way, but there is more than enough stuff to keep you busy.

I’d be a bit concerned about the wrist issues though, Monster Hunter plays quite similarly to Dark Souls in a lot of ways, so seeing that as your example of a game that gave you problems is not a great sign. Monster Hunter is considerably more laid back than Dark Souls, so it might be manageable but I would definitely try renting it or something before buying.


Well 40 hours is still great. So if you ever want to play together just let me know.


It is pausable? As long as I can take a break when I need to to do stretches or rest I can usually manage