The "Should I buy this game" thread

Also of note, there’s a lot of things about the rules of how the game works that aren’t like anything else. You’ll have to go in with some flexible expectations about how to play it. I think puzzling out what E.Y.E. is doing is part of the fun, but go in expecting that. Worth a fiver, for sure.

Should I buy Luigi’s Mansion 3? I’ve only heard good things. I haven’t played any of the other ones, but it looks neat and fun! It’s on a bit of a sale right now.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a great game. It’s incredibly charming, and a lot of fun. It’s not a difficult game (tho there are some boss difficulty spikes) and 100-percenting the game is tedious. But as a casual play through, it is remarkably fun.

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That sounds very promising. I haven’t finished Psychonauts 2 yet, and while I don’t dislike it, I for some reason feel like playing a game in the same sort of vein, but, uh, one I could like more.

Thanks. I’ll likely buy it! I actually also bought Katamari Damashii too, which I’ve never played and it’s on sale very cheap right now on Switch for anyone in the same boat.

I recommend Luigis Mansion 3 if you just want something low impact to vibe off the charm and polish of the whole thing. If you want a satisfying “game” then you’re probably better off elsewhere.

The first two big levels were pretty great imo but the quality declined fairly sharply after that and the story fails to live up to the first two especially after opening with a ton of promise.

The Lappy fakeout in the new Bayonetta 3 trailer reminded me that I still haven’t played Astral Chain.

I love Platinum games, but I think I held off on this one because playing as a cop seemed… unappealing.

How icky is the cop stuff in this game? Nothing like Insomniac’s Spider-Man, I hope?

It’s not a game specific, but a game service. How is Gamefly? I had it probably a decade plus ago. I remember it being pretty good for a few months as I was able to get through a backlog of PS3 games. The issue I had with it was getting new games. So has anyone used it recently? I’m in a similar situation where I have a big Switch backlog (mostly 1st party Nintendo games), and I don’t have a ton of money to buy games (especially ones that I’ll finish and be done with). Thanks for any help!

On one hand I love Meto Exodus as I liked the first two games. Those games have such a well defined sense of place and atmosphere, which coinides with the moment to moment gameplay of managing your various equipment, which all feels really tactile. I never completed Exodus, but it obviously leaves the claustrophobic confines of the Metro and has those landscapes that feel more like a modern incarnation of Stalker. I remember thinking your immediate crew felt a little one note, but they did grow on me as characters.

On the other hand though the game isn’t completely open world - more a series of hubs you get to visit, they do try to put open world gameplay into it, all the farcry style base clearing and the enemy AI just isn’t there for it. I only played it on Xbox One when it was on games pass - and it was prone to crashing. I’d be more inclined to maybe wait for Stalker 2 but if you can get it for cheap - it’s a cool game to have.

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Dug a bit for this one, but I figure people might have some questions as we enter the consumption zone of the calendar. I do!

Anybody played ACE COMBAT 7 on PS4? I always thought these games looked pretty and cool, and as this one +DLC is deeply discounted at the moment on PS4 I might give it a go. The only other flight sim I’ve played before (if you consider it that) is the recent Star Wars: Squadrons, which I mostly liked. Similar to that? Good at all? Would love thoughts.

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I’ve heard great things about AC7. The only complaints are from folks on PC; their initial joystick support only covered very specific Thrustmaster sticks, and even now you need to edit an INI file to enable anything else to work. That’s not a consideration on PS4, so you’re all good. :slight_smile:

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Ace Combat 7 fucking whips. One of the greatest most under-appreciated action soundtracks in recent memory.

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I’ve had a base building hankering lately. Should I buy Fallout 76 or is that riddled with microtransactions like I suspect?

I haven’t played since launch but the base building/automation game I’ve put the most time into is Satisfactory which just released it’s 5th large update that adds TRAINS!

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Important to note the Ace Combat 7 has a really good PSVR mode. It’s a shame it never was added to the PC version.

Depending on what you want out of base-building, the microtransactions are either very avoidable or absolutely essential.

There are “pay to win”-sounding items in the shop like repair kits and scrap kits but they’re worthless and nobody uses them. The only upsell that’s worth a damn is the subscription, which gives you a crafting storage like Elder Scrolls Online has (among other things, but the crafting storage is the only part anybody cares about). I get by fine without it, but it really does add a ridiculous amount of convenience.

However, if you like cosmetic customisation, a lot of good stuff is only available through the Atom Shop, both for bases and for characters. The “scoreboard” battle pass also tends to have cosmetic unlocks, which are usually decent if you like their theme. It’s a free battle pass, but unless you’re really into hardcore challenge grinding you’re probably not going to finish it, and usually the most desirable stuff is at the end, which encourages you to buy levels.

As for gameplay, your Camp is like a home base that you can use for harvesting, but generally not much happens there. Workshops are more actiony with events that spawn enemy waves you need to defend against, but they also open you to PvP while you’re in one that you’ve claimed. So yeah, if you’re looking for a basebuilding experience, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. I actually like the game, but I play it as a Fallout Lite, not a base-builder.

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How does Project Wingman compare to Ace Combat 7? I’ve been thinking about playing one of them. PW is on Gamepass (although apparently the VR doesn’t work on that version), but I’d certainly look for AC7 on sale if that was deemed to be better.

I haven’t built up the motivation to set up flight stick and Index with Project Wingman yet. Out of VR it seemed pretty solid. AC7 only has a separate mode and story for its VR and PW can be played entirely in VR. MSFT Flight Simulator has VR support as well and reports seem pretty positive for it

I’m curious about this as well. I just read the synopsis of Project Wingman on Wikipedia and it seems like they are biting Ace Combat’s bizarre anime geopolitics hard. Has me interested.

I really, really dug Project Wingman. I can’t compare it to AC7, which I haven’t played, but on its own terms it’s a real trip. You’ve got your heightened geopolitics, your advanced tech that allows for superplanes and airships, multi-lock missiles, a mission where you fly into a tunnel to shoot a weak point, an ace nemesis who monologues so much that one of your wingmen yells at him to shut up at one point, etc., etc.

The combat is very intense, especially when you take the AoA module that lets you do supermaneuverability stuff – you can take that module or flares, but not both, so if you want that dogfighting edge you also have to be extremely on the ball with dodging missiles. I haven’t tested VR, but you can indeed play the whole game with it. The game also supports more mundane headtracking systems like TrackIR or OpenTrack out of the box, in addition to supporting pretty much every HOTAS under the sun. It’s very much a gamepad game, just like AC7, but I played it entirely with a joystick, which was a blast.

For a basically one-dev project, it’s an incredible achievement. And while I haven’t played AC7, I do know that the subreddit has a lot of AC fans who make crossover memes when they aren’t thirst-posting about the main character’s WSO. Take that as you will.