The "Should I buy this game" thread

I got a new phone, which means I can get three free months of Apple Arcade. Any burning recs? Especially ones that would look nice on a big OLED screen. :grin:

iOS arcade games I’d recommend after using my 3 month trial:
Mini Motorways
The Taiko game
Assemble with Care
Monument Valley +
Dear Reader
Alto’s Odyssey Lost City
Lego Builder’s Journey


Sayonara Wild Hearts. My Pop tolerance is usually pretty low, but I honestly loved this thing all the way through. Shows off color and contrast really well too, with all those blacks and saturated colors.


Seconded - I enjoyed it a lot on PC, but Apple Arcade is what it was designed for!

This is a game coming out in a day but I really am intrigued by Icarus. I’ve been known to get sucked into open-world survival PVE games, specifically the DayZ Arma 2 mod was my first big addiction in the genre and this is Dean Halls first game in that genre with his new studio. Getting Satisfactory vibes from the loop and I like the premise of a terraforming gone wrong.

Anybody got thoughts on A Plague Tale: Innocence? Picked it up impulsively on sale over the weekend, wondering if I should keep or simply refund it. Looks a bit more focused on cinematics than I tend to prefer, but sounds like the story might be sufficiently compelling and I like some stealth gameplay, even if I imagine it won’t be the best in the world

I personally adored it. It is very cinematic though so if that’s a turn off then maybe refund it. The story was pretty good IMO.

Cinematic not so much a turn off as I don’t always feel like it lands for me, so not necessarily a dealbreaker. It’s been on my list since release so I think I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the input!

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Has anyone played Bioshock Remastered on the Switch, and/or know how it performs relative to other consoles? For years I’ve been meaning to actually finish that game and the holiday break might be a good opportunity to do so, but I’m only going to have my Switch for a while. If it’s significantly worse on Switch than it would be on a Series X, I’ll just wait for another time.

Streets of Rage 4. I never really play beat em ups, have never played a Streets of Rage. I dont like fighting games! But will I like this? Everyone seems to think it’s really good and something about just beating up baddies is attractive to me. And if it’s not too difficult/frustrating, that would be nice.

I would recommend playing the originals first. They hold up very well and have cheat codes to make them easier.

Streets of Rage Remake is a fan made game that is also really high quality and is large with branching story paths, unlockable characters, skins, gamemodes, etc. I would consider this one of the hardest in the series but the ramp in difficulty feels appropriate with most of the time I’m failing at the very end when I feel like I’m very close. There are completed save games out there though that you can download that have all the unlockables opened up so you can turn on cheats.

I’m not sure if this would fall under the “no piracy” rule seeing as this project was given an official cease and desist by Sega after release of version 5.2 but there does exist a complete collection version you can download off a forum that you can easily find if you search “Streets of Rage Remake Complete Collection” that comes with the game, all the patches, cheat codes, the editor for making your own expansions, as well as the complete soundtrack (which is very good).

With the upcoming PC release of Monster Hunter Rise I’ve been thinking: would that be a decent entry point into as one’s first proper Monster Hunter game or would the frequently discounted Monster Hunter World + Iceborne be just as viable of a starting point?

Somewhat related to the previous question, do the Monster Hunter games lend themselves well to solo play at all? Should I even bother getting into them if I’m not likely to have a group of people to play with?


I can’t speak on the differences between the two games, but I can tell you my solo experience with MH: World. It was not fun. Plain and simple. There isn’t really a weapon I felt that did a good job of being the solo weapon so to speak. Those games seem so focused on teams. I think they have a random matchmaking feature for hunts which was nice, but I don’t think you could customize it at all. So you’d go into a hunt with three other people all with bows too, and you knew it wasn’t going to go well. I think if you want to really get into the games you need at least one other person you’re going to play with, if not a full team. The crew’s time with World when it first came out shows how fun the game can be, and it sucked me in. I wanted in on that fun, but I never found another person to play with and I soon lost all interest in the game.


I’ve only played Monster Hunter solo and I love it. I haven’t played World, only Rise but don’t think you’d go wrong with either as a starting point into the franchise.


Also worth mentioning if you have a PS5, Monster Hunter World is in the PS+ collection.

Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise are both great games to start with. Monster Hunter Rise is going to be more active because it’s newer, but MHW still has a fairly active PC community.

I think the thing to clarify is that MHR isn’t a sequel to MHW, it’s a side game with some experimental mechanics (i.e. wirebugs) that likely won’t return as is in the next main Monster Hunter game. Specifically, you are much, much more mobile in MHR than in MHW, but many people prefer the gameplay loop and weapon movesets in MHW.

General tips if you decide to get either:

  1. Yes, you can solo everything in both games and the monster’s health and stuff scales based on the number of players. If you are good at action games and have mostly learned your weapon, it is often easier to solo a monster than try random matchmaking. It is definitely viable to matchmake for every hunt, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, just want to clarify that that’s not the only option.

  2. Pick whatever weapon you think seems cool. Both games have much better tutorialization than previous games, but the tutorialization is still pretty bad. However, there are good guides for every weapon for both, specifically by Arekkz or GaijinHunter on YouTube.


I played Monster Hunter: World on Xbox, and it was my first MH game. I also largely played it solo. I never went too terribly deep on the endgame stuff, where coordination between teammates is far more necessary, but I had an absolute blast with it playing solo through low and high rank hunts. Given how often it’s discounted, I think it would be a really great first step into MH without dropping $60 on the newest one in the series.


How is the Dead Cell’s DLC? It’s partially discounted and a new one just released, and I’m curious about it. I enjoy the base game, but I’ve kinda hit a wall in progress. I’ve only beaten it once, and I’ve unlocked most weapons/mutations/outfits. I enjoy playing the game, but it’s a bummer to see all these cells go to waste when I play. Thanks!

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