The "Should I buy this game" thread

I’ve had a PS5 for about a month and finally figured out how to do the convoluted upgrade process for if you got FF7 Remake through PS+ and want the PS5 version. My question: since this version doesn’t include the Yuffie Intermission episode, do I need that? Or is it like a separate story/episode/campaign? If it’s something integrated into the main story I’d want to grab it first but if there’s no benefit to having it now I can wait until it’s on sale again.

The Yuffie campaign is its own thing and can be played separately from the main game. There are endgame spoilers so I’d recommend playing it after the main game, and I do recommend it. Intermission is incredible.

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With the eShop sale going on I’m thinking of getting a new game. I currently debating between Loop Hero, Enter the Gungeon, and Nuclear Throne. I know they’re all rogue-likes (or lites I don’t really know the difference). Is there one that has something that makes it standout from the others? Thanks for any feedback!

They’re… very different in their gameplay (especially Loop Hero versus the others).

Gungeon and Nuclear Throne are both top-down “Smash-TV” style arena shooters with a tendency towards bullet-hell.
Gungeon has more focus on exploring each level (which is divided up into rooms, which can be fight arenas (which lock you in until you win), or utility rooms like shops or treasure) before facing the Boss Room; and has a very wide variety of guns, which you can carry a lot of at one time.

Nuclear Throne has each level is a single space with no lockins, but tends to be smaller than Gungeon, and each sequence of levels in a given zone ends on a boss level. There’s a wide variety of weapons in NT, but you can only carry two at a time. Different player characters in NT have “special abilities” which vary a lot more than between the characters in Gungeon.

They both tend to be hectic - although I think NT escalates more than Gungeon except with challenge stuff in the latter.

Loop Hero is like a cross between an idle game and a “deck builder” - it’s very different in design to the other two, and emphasises very different skills - NT and Gungeon need good reactions and fine control, Loop Hero needs planning. (It also has more interest in actually developing something like a plot than the others.)

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Thank you for the breakdown. Loop Hero seems much more my style. I might check out one of the other games too though since both sounds fun.

I’m interested in playing Final Fantaxy X/X-2, XII, and the XIII games but I’d (vastly) prefer to play them with Japanese audio. Trying to work out which platforms actually support that is tricky.

Anyway: it seems like Steam is a safe option for all of them due to either official or modded support, but if I can get them on a console, even better. The Switch eShop suggests X/X-2 HD and XII “support” Japanese, but does that actually let you mix and match Japanese audio and English subtitles? Ditto the PS4 version of XII (no mention of Japanese for the PS4 X/X-2).

Finally, the XIII games. Looks like the main option here is Steam but correct me if I’m wrong. Seems like Lightning Returns had an optional Japanese voice pack on Xbox but that’s the exception.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone can chime in with confirmation of what actually works because trying to parse a decade of subs/dubs discourse and console war arguments has not been fruitful. They’re all currently on sale on Steam so it seems like an option but I’m so wary of Square Enix’s PC ports I’d love to hear from folks as to where I should shop.

I can confirm that the Steam version of Lightning Returns lets you use JP audio with English subtitles. Based on that, I would assume the other two games in the trilogy allow you to do the same. I played them all the way through in English and those games are way too huge of a download for me to reinstall and actually check myself.

As far as the different ports are concerned, I’m pretty sure the Xbox has the most recent/definitive versions of the XIII trilogy on it. All three games are also on (PC) Game Pass but I’m not sure if it’s a Nier Automata situation where the Windows Store/Game Pass version is actually what you’d want to play over the Steam version if you’re on PC.

It’s been more than a minute since I played them all but I remember the original XIII being the one I fiddled with the most when I played it. Downloaded a couple of things to get it to run well and look nice. XIII-2 had the most performance issues but I still finished it despite all of them and Lightning Returns I had no problems with at all. Can’t speak to what state all the games are in right now but hopefully they’re better than they were 6+ years ago.

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Does anyone by chance have opinions on the the Company of Heroes Board Game? The second edition Kickstarter launched and I’m mighty tempted because it looks like the high quality dream game I imagined as a child playing plastic army men but $100 for a board game is a steep asking price. Board game geek has it as an 8.7 and tabletop people seem to really like it but I’ve never ventured into the war gaming tabletop genre.