The "Should I buy this game" thread


There is no pause built in, but I’ve heard putting the game into sleep mode will effectively pause it. I haven’t tested that myself though.


I enjoy those games like Monster Hunter, where they don’t hold your hand. I want a challenge! Nice to have something where you can invest some time and really get rewarded, rather than just picking up random things that are cool but not really useful.


One thing that’s nice is that the natural rhythm of the game allows you to take breaks after each hunt. Most of the missions last roughly 20-30 minutes (sometimes less or more depending on difficulty and your gear) and then you get to go back to home base or camp and prep for the next mission. There’s also no real penalty for failure or quitting as far as I’ve seen, which make it way less frustrating than Dark Souls.

As far as reflexes go, I think you end up relying more on reading the monsters windup animations for attacks. The telegraphs tend to be pretty long since they’re so big. Plus you can take on a ranged weapon that gives you more opportunities for planning ahead! I personally like the bow because it has several different coatings you can use to target specific monsters/body parts.


I’m in the same boat, except I have even less of a connection to DBZ from my youth and I’ve been having a ton of fun with it so far! Its definitely quite accessible thanks to the ability to spam buttons for autocombos and have cool shit happen and also be viable. Plus the tutorial modes/combo challenges are also pretty useful.

I’m normally garbage at fighting games, but this one has made me want to learn how to get good at them. I never thought I’d be the person spending 3 hours in training mode to get better at making quarter circle motions on a d-pad, but here we are.


So the new remaster of Radiant Historia looks pretty cool but it’s got two things cutting against it as far as I am concerned: (1) despite its cult status and general praise, I have read a lot saying it is very much an (Atlus) JRPG and that means it requires a lot of time and a fair amount repetition/grind (not just because that’s a story point); (2) since getting a Switch, said Switch has become my handheld of choice and my 3DS has been relegated to my bookcase. Is this game worth dusting off the 3DS and do I need to be prepared to invest +40 hours to simply beat it?


FIFA on Switch? I have enjoyed FIFA in the past and really have the itch for it, but I want to get it as a physical copy (trade-in/return) so I am looking at $60 versus the cheaper digital prices that have appeared pretty regularly.

I really care about the frame rate more than anything, and I have heard it stays at 60 pretty consistently, any truth to that?


Haven’t played it myself, but the digital foundry video shows it running at a near constant 60.


Looks very good, I think that seals the deal!


If anyone comes here asking if they should buy Celeste, yes, you absolutely, seriously should.


Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning is on sale on Steam right now.

I’ve heard some people rave about this game. Does anyone think it is worth playing in 2018?


I am stuck between three games that I know I’ll eventually buy, but it’s hard to decide which/when

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Monster Hunter World

Leaning towards DBFZ because MHW will drop again on PC with a fresh community… But I don’t play fighting games and I’m not sure which I’d get more play out of…


I thought it was pretty derivative back in the day, but not bad. Curt Shilling is an incredible asshole though.


So should I buy Dragon Quest Builders that is coming to the Switch? I liked the demo, but I don’t know. I find it very interesting that this game is a RPG first, and a construction/sandbox game second. That sounds like exactly what I would want out of a game like this. Games like Minecraft, for example, don’t interest me because the sandbox aspect comes first and I kind of feel lost, without a purpose, without knowing what to do next. Having a narrative and a set path on DQB would definitely help with that. What do you guys think? Sell me on it.


I was feeling similarly hesitant before buying the Vita version back when that one came out. I will never play Minecraft alone for the same reasons you described, so this game interested me for the same reasons.

Turns out, I absolutely loved DQB! I even got into making my towns look and feel nice a bit. As the game tells you “okay we’re done with quests make your town nicer before the story continues” you’re still given enough direction (by what sorts of rooms you’ve been asked to build before) and restrictions (by what materials/special items you have access to) that I never felt stumped for what to build. Also, being a game with specific quests and story beats means there are a lot of actual locations and places you go to that are very cool that makes it extremely fun to explore in a way that Minecraft could never hit me with.

The combat doesn’t really get much more mechanically different, but I never really had a problem with that, personally. If you’re okay with the combat in the demo then you’ll probably be fine, because the boss fights and some miniboss fights change things up a little bit, but by and large the combat is mostly what you get there.

tldr; I was unsure I’d like it for reasons similar to yours but came out really enjoying it


The story mode of Dragon Quest Builders is broken up into several chapters, each one in a different location and starting you from scratch in terms of items and tools. It’s very goal oriented: usually involves finding materials and making specific buildings. The combat never evolves beyond swinging a weapon, but they play around with the concept of fighting enemies as the game progresses. One chapter has you raise an army of wierd dudes in leather outfits fight for you.
I loved this game because of the “creation with goals” aspect, the meta narrative which I won’t spoil, and the lighthearted playfulness of the whole thing, mixed with a lil bit of darkness.


It’s fine. Completely fine…is what I would say if the games failure hadn’t destroyed any chance of the story being finished.

There’s virtually no reason to play it now.


It’s okay, like an offline WoW basically, but without the mmo fighting mechanics.


How about The Division? The Gold edition is on sale on PSN right now. I played this pretty close to launch, and had some fun, but was turned off by some of the difficulty scaling in co-op missions, and the absolute cheating mess that the Dark Zone was back then.

Has the DLC/two years worth of updates fundamentally changed the game, a la “Taken King,” or would I still run into similar issues if I picked it back up in this year of our lord 2018?

Thanks y’all!


This is second hand, so I don’t know how helpful it actually is, but some people seem to think that the extra time has done it a lot of good. I’m awfully tempted to pick it up, myself.

Almost Two Years Later, ‘The Division’ Might Finally Be Perfect
"Two years after launch, The Division has been refined into a version of itself that is about 30x more interesting and engaging than what we saw at launch"


Dang that was a tasty link. I still have some questions, but I do like seeing that level of enthusiasm for it now. Thanks!