The "Should I buy this game" thread


I played the Division for about a week and then got too uncomfortable with its storyline and politics to continue. I didn’t find the loot treadmill to be compelling enough to look past it.


Has anyone played the Snipperclips’ DLC? I’ve played the main game to completion with my sister, and we had so much playing them! So this purchase is pretty much made, basically, but I’m looking to people’s opinions on it? Is it short for 10 bucks?


Great idea for a thread. Ok, so I’ve played a few hours of both Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 however never completed both. I would like to go back but unsure which one I should play. Which do you enjoy more and why?


How do folks here feel Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch holds up? It’s currently on sale on the PSN store for $5. I don’t use my PS3 much for gaming any more, but had always meant to play this one.


I think for $5 you absolutely get that game. I never beat it but I probably put 30 hours into it and remember it fondly. It’s actually one I always think that I need to go back and finish.


I never got far enough the first time I played it, but I have heard that it can be pretty icky. I decided to pass on it! Thank you!


I found DS3 to be the more satisfying game of the two. The combat is a little bit faster (thanks to some Bloodborne influence I would imagine), and I felt like the lore made more references to DS1 rather than 2, so it’s not like you would absolutely need to play DS2 in order to ‘get’ DS3. I thought the world design was better in 3 as well. Good luck either way!


So is Bayonetta just horny Devil May Cry or nah?


I don’t have an answer to this question but came to this thread to post basically the same thing.

Seen a lot of raving over the years about how good Bayonetta is and how it is somehow subversive in its treatment of the titular (pun??) character but that’s not the impression I have been left with watching some footage online.


Should I get Alien vs. Predator? It is $1.49 on Steam. I am weak.


I’d have agreed that it was worth playing at one point buuuuuuuuuuuuut (CW rape):

Apparently the final secret super hard boss has an attack where he rapes Bayonetta which kinda shits all over any love I had for that game

So I would say skip it

Promising games that make you completely tap out in their opening act
Why the Hell Did I Wait So Long to Play 'Bayonetta 2'?

… well that is, uh, something? That fucking sucks. Dang. Yuck.


Should I buy PUBG for Xbox One? Just got a Mac laptop so I can’t get it for PC.


AVP 1999 or 2010? The 1999 one is an incredibly fun and well-crafted game that I’d say still holds up really well. Haven’t played the 2010 game, but every opinion I heard on it puts it somewhere between bad and mediocre.


Absolutely screw that


Popping in to say I got FIFA for Switch and it runs incredibly well and is paced just as good for quicker handheld matches.

It’s on sale for $40 USD (or at least was as of a couple days ago) in case anyone else is interested, I definitely recommend it!


I have not played it on Xbox but from everything I’ve seen of it on that platform I would say to wait and see if it gets better. Check out Fortnight if you haven’t yet, it’s free and is similar to PUBG with it’s own unique taste.


Would my love, and desire, for a SRPG on the Switch be enough for me to enjoy Disgaea 5 on the Switch? My primary concerns with the game are how “anime” it seems–by this I mean the plot seems threadbare and the characters are overblown caricatures (to say nothing about some of the female designs)–and that a lot of what I have read about the series seems to suggest you only get real enjoyment out of the franchise in the end game and when you start delving into some deep mechanics/team composition.


I certainly got 5 bucks worth of enjoyment out of it. It’s pretty and the soundtrack is great. I found the pokemon-style monster collecting subsystem kind of impenetrable and never felt like I was making good decisions there.

I never finished it, partly because it pulled the JRPG “ha ha that wasn’t the real ending!” card too many times, and partially because I got to a point in the game where I was obviously underleveled for a particular dungeon and I didn’t care enough to go back and grind.


I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy Tactics series but I have consistently bounced off of the Disgaea series (and Nippon Ichi TRPGs in general).

Coming from FFT (especially Tactics Advance/A2), the systems seem needlessly complicated and the progression seems to encourage grind in a way that I find off-putting.

If you want a tactical RPG for the Switch, I would pick up Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (unless you’re into these games for the story, 'cuz it’s hot nonsense.)