The "Should I buy this game" thread


Okay I too am coming from more of a FFT / Tactics Ogre / Fire Emblem so your response basically validates my concerns. I know Mario + Rabbids has received loads of praise but the “silliness” of it doesn’t click with me. Maybe that’s too harsh of a judgment but it’s the hurdle I have set for myself.



There’s a bundle out right now with Dragonfall and Hong Kong for Shadowrun Returns. (It also comes with Wasteland 2, which I have considered.)

I love the setting of Shadowrun but the Dead Man’s Switch campaign I found intensely dull as far as narrative went, and the mechanical qualities were way too rote and shallow to pull me in. How do the added campaigns fare?


So they’re a bit more then just extra campaigns as they do change some mechanics up between them (in particular hacking IIRC). Personally I really liked both Dragonfall and Hong Kong but if you are only going to play one then Hong Kong is the one to go with IMO. Plus there’s a lot of custom campaigns and other goodies on the workshop if you find the base game not doing it.

Edit: Also I just remembered how terrible the ending to the first game was from a gameplay perspective. If anyone got to that segment and put the game down I do not blame them.


The other two were far, far better. I loved Dead Man’s Switch at the time because I was also getting into the tabletop game. But I didn’t think it was a superb game by any stretch.

The two follow ups have memorable, lovable characters and they really explore what makes Shadowrun such a cool setting. There is a whole lot of reading between missions, you return to a hub world to chill out with everyone, upgrade your equipment and pick your next run. It feels a bit like Mass Effect which could be a good or a bad thing depending on how much visual novel styled gameplay you can stand.

They do make some changes to the gameplay, but the tactics part remains largely the same. They add a few different roles like sniping and the magic/augs get a rebalance to make things feel a bit less of a chore. It’s still not brilliant, but the situations where you engage in combat feel a lot less samey.


jesus christ yes get dragonfall it’s nothing like the first one


Dragonfall and Hong Kong are infinitely better than Dead Man’s Switch and you should really give them a try if you’re even slightly interested in the setting. Dragonfall is my favorite, but Hong Kong is bigger.

Wasteland 2 is exactly what it set out to be, but if you’re not into extremely fiddly '90s CRPGs it might give you trouble.


Elex, anyone? It’s been on sale on Amazon for $29.99 for about a week now and I am tempted. I know it’s janky as all hell and chock full of bugs, but I’ve been curious about it since reading Patricia’s article over at Kotaku. I’ve been craving an expansive RPG and this seems alright. I am still playing, and will continue to play, Monster Hunter World, but I need a little lore and story in my life, ya know?


Has anyone played Mulaka? It’s a 3d Zelda/Okami style game based on indigenous myths from northern Mexico. It just showed up on the Switch store and I’ve only seen one review for it, at Destructoid (They liked it.)
It seems very much like my jam but I’d love to hear other opinions.


So the current Humble Monthly includes Deus Ex Mankind Divided, God Eater 2 (plus God Eater Resurrection), and Mafia 3.

Is that worth the $12? I know Mankind Divided didn’t do as well as Human Revolution and Mafia 3 is hit or miss but are they worth picking up at that price?


Mankind Divided alone is worth that price, in my opinion. In some ways, I actually preferred it to Human Revolution. Specifically, if you like the exploration aspects of Deus Ex games, you’ll really enjoy it. I spent hours after reaching the main hub area just exploring and looking for different ways to do things and I felt like I got a significant portion of my money’s worth before the game technically got started, and I bought the thing full price.


I’m torn between waiting a few checks to pick up Monster Hunter, or buying Night in the Woods next check on switch (which I still haven’t played :frowning:) I’m currently leaning toward NitW, but I’m still waffling.


I can’t speak to your interests, but KitW left an infinitely greater impact on me than MonHun.


I know this was a typo, but now I want medieval “Knight in the Woods” prequel.


One day I will go 24 hours without a dumb typo. Today is not that today.


I’m really digging the Stellaris streams and it’s made me curious about trying a sci-fi 4x game. I have zero experience with the genre so I’d need something a lot simpler than Stellaris to start with. From googling around, the newest Master of Orion game seems to be a popular choice. Is that a good option or should I consider something else instead?


What BigNoNo said, and also there’s a lot of real good shit about Mafia III. I haven’t gotten that far in it yet, but I bought it based on listening to Austin talk about it and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is throughout the opening sequence to have the narrative framed almost entirely by POC. It made me realize just how absent that has been in gaming in a way that has me actively seeking out more games like it (unfortunately, there just aren’t a ton of them).

I can’t speak to how it holds up over the long term, but for 12 bucks? Yeah.


Mafia 3 is great, and along with Stellaris and the newest MoO, consider Endless Space 2


Mankind Divided is worth the price alone.

Mafia 3 has a good story and writing, mediocre gameplay, and repetitive mission structure.


I’m going to open with the negative here, but Mafia III has a really tedious open world system with no fast travel and you have to do multiple checkbox style missions in certain areas to progress the story. New Bordeaux also has the L.A. Noire problem where it looks really detailed, but there’s not a whole lot going on underneath and the whole city ends up feeling dead.

The story, writing and acting are all well done, though. They approach the subject of race pretty well in this game especially after watching other games in this vein are prone to bungle it. They also present the story in this weird pseudo-documentary that’s really good.

Also, I haven’t found any other game that has a mission where it lets me fuck up a whole bunch of Klansmen, so it has that going for it too, I suppose.


See, this is the thing that has me nervous about playing it. I’ve read multiple reviews that complain about the mission grind to get small chunks of story, and I wonder if the story is really good enough to overcome that structure.

My best guess is that I’d probably be super into it at the beginning, but fall off when the grind starts getting rough.