The "Should I buy this game" thread


I have a Switch now, and while I’ve been mostly looking at titles with different editions that I already own on PC, I’ve never played Stardew Valley. It is worth picking up for Switch?


I think at $12, Mafia III is worth it. The game is about 12-13 hours long if your time situation is tight. It was hard to push through after the opening act (Which is just so well done), but I liked what they showed of the story and characters that it gave me enough motivation to see it through to the end (And I liked how they wrapped up the story)

The only gameplay issue I had with Mafia III was the structure. The other mechanics were fine and controlling or shooting with Lincoln never felt frustrating, it just seems like either 2K / Hangar 13 didn’t want to push out a six hour game at full-price and decided to pad it out with some really tedious missions.


Definitely recommend it! I’ve recently started Stardew Valley on Switch and am about six hours into it and it’s really fun, especially considering I’ve never played Harvest Moon or games like it before. The portability of the Switch is also a plus for that game.


I’ve been thinking about getting Splatoon 2 for the switch, but I’m afraid that everyone will be so much better than me in pvp that I will dislike the game.

Also Stardew valley didn’t really become a good game for me until I got it on switch


My experience with Splatoon 2 hasn’t been that way, though I haven’t played significantly in maybe a month or two. Overall I’d say if you’re looking for a casual multiplayer game that is good in both short and long sessions, give it a go!


I got the first one and had a really fun time. I found out I was instantly very good at online battles and started to climb the ranks really quickly.

Then my roommate came in and said something a long the lines of “Oh, you having fun murking kids?”. Suddenly my skill started to make more sense. You aren’t really playing with the MLG crowd, it’s definitely more casual and I’m guessing a lot of the player base plays the game because their parents don’t feel comfortable with games with guns.

Maybe the kids have gotten better, but as long as you focus on the object of the game (painting the ground) instead of shooting others, you will probably do really well. I also don’t want to make it sound like I’m trashing the game, it’s really fun. I also don’t really like competitive shooters that much and I’m considering buying the sequel after seeing that DLC trailer.


Has anyone played FFXII: The Zodiac Age? I have heard really mixed things about the changes.

I hear it allows for more customization to your party members and the game can move a lot quicker, which were my main two problems with it when I rented it back in the day.
I also hear that it is way easier, though. I’m not a glutton for punishment when it comes to RPGs, but I also want some incentive to use the fun battle system and explore the big world apart from just completing the main story. Is the difficulty satisfying?


hello fist post here , has anyone here played Might & Magic X: Legacy i have played and enjoyed the older Might & Magic games and i was wondering if it was any good since i have at least never heard anything about it and iam intersed in playing it just because its a might and magic game i never played .


The Job system makes characters less of a jack of all trades but it also makes the base issues with the licence board stand out more (Few techs so melee characters are best setup with basic gambits and left to their own)

The speedup button on the fly is honestly great, it makes certain grindy or any backtracking almost nothing.


Splatoon 2 is great. I say get. There’s a decent amount of singleplayer content, and the multiplayer matches are so short you’ll never feel all that bad for bombing. Heck, if you just stay in the match for the full 3 minutes you’ll be worth more than all the leavers. If you really want to get deep in it, you can buy gear that have perks that stack with each other and boost your playstyle, but I just wear what I think looks cool. Currently rocking a hockey helmet and jersey with red chucks.

There’s also the co-op Salmon Run mode which is very fun. While Nintendo is still sticking to their weird scheduled times for matchmaking in that mode, it seems to be available more often than not.


Thanks for the advice, I think im going to pick it up next time its on sale


Def agree that there are some structural problems to Mafia 3 (no fast travel, at all, being one of them), but I still greatly enjoyed my time with that game.

Has anyone played Deep Rock Galactic? It looks really fun? But I want someone to vouch for it before I buy a game in that early of access I think


I’ve been playing with some friends and we are having a good time! It’s a little light on content, but what’s there is really interesting. It’s a weird mix of l4d and a bit of Payday leads to some fun and scary scenarios. It reminds me of exploring caves in Minecraft in survival mode. It’s fun!


I didn’t play Mankind Divided, but Mafia 3 is fan-fucking-tastic and absolutely worth 12 bucks. I’m sure Deus Ex is good too.

Okay I’m being a little hyperbolic, but Mafia 3 was to me what Prey was the Danielle. You could finish that game in 12 hours… or you could be like me and put 60 into it before finishing the story, plus another 20 or so with the DLC. There was just something about Lincoln’s struggle to rid New Bordeaux of the racist assholes that run it that made me really like doing all the repetitive, menial tasks. I also disagree that the combat is mediocre. It’s up there with Max Payne for me in terms of quality 3rd person shooting. The guns feel impactful and the enemy reactions are so over the top that it feels like a schlocky 60s action movie, which I really love.


Should i buy Kona?

I crave another game like Gone Home or Firewatch. But i don’t want dumb jumpscares or stealth sections like in Vanishing of Ethan Carter or Observer. Is the story in Kona good enough?


I am, after four solid months of play, about to complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on my Switch. And now, with the Spring sale on and some Nintendo points, I am looking at Skyrim on the Switch for £25.

It appeals, but I have no idea why. Particularly after hours and hours of a rpg I am about to finish.



I mean Skyrim is a good game but I couldn’t play without mods personally. If you think you’ll have fun I would go for it. I still got a lot of fun out of it on my PS3


Yeah had it on my ps3 when it first came out, haven’t had a gaming PC for almost 20 years. Put about 30 hours into it and then fell off. Maybe I should pass. Not really sure why I feel the need to jump back into such a vast game really.


GOG is having a sale on the Mafia trilogy.* Having already decided to play the good-story-but-meh-mechanics Mafia III in lieu of the awful-story-and-meh-mechanics Far Cry 5, does anyone see any reason to play the first two games? Are they any good? Would my money go to any shitlords?


Mafia is kind of my “I like it despite itself” series, and I think the only genuinely good game in the series is 3.

Mafia 1 is an interesting game if you think about when it came out and how it was contemporary with GTA 3, which is a game so much about the player being a badass and became famous for using cheats to survive as long as possible. The games aren’t directly comparable, of course. Mafia is not an open world game, but it has a separate “explore the city” type mode in it that feels really half baked and tacked on in response to GTA.

Mafia has squirrelly driving, unforgiving cops (if you go over the speed limit you better know a cop is gonna chase your ass), a low max health limit and the guns are hard to use. Until you learn how to play the game is punishingly difficult, and I’ve actually never made it past the game’s penultimate mission despite first playing it in 2004 or so. It’s very much a game that disempowers the player mechanically, at least. The narrative does kind of paint Tommy, the main character, as a all around mafia badass, who has impeccable marksmanship, is a great driver and is ready to kill anyone who stands in his way.
Narratively… its a pretty cut and dried early 20th century mafia story that borrows heavily from The Godfather.

I’d suggest playing it more as a historic curiosity at this point.

Mafia 2 is a more forgiving game mechanically, but it’s pretty janky. The open world is something that basically shouldn’t exist and all you do in it is drive from point A to point B. It retains some stuff from Mafia 1, like the speed limit when driving.

In terms of narrative, you’d be better off watching Goodfellas, but if you’re interested in knowing Vito’s backstory, he’s the playable character in Mafia 2.

I couldn’t tell you about the developers pre-Mafia 3.