The "Should I buy this game" thread


I actually got back into Watch_Dogs 2 recently and I recommend it. I’d suggest you play that game less as a third person shooter and more as a goofy, open world puzzle with movie style hacking. The game gives you a lot of tools so you can hack around things rather than leave a trail of bodies in your wake and it becomes much more fun to explore rather than run up to cover and smoke some dudes.

I also agree with Blindside’s assessment of it. It’s a fun game, written well enough but of course not without its faults. The cast is made up of #Millennials (Like me!) but they’re endearing, diverse and don’t have the cynicism that made the previous one’s cast so unpleasant and forgettable. The writing isn’t mind blowing, but it’s entertaining and at least tries to have a message (Which I can’t say for other recent Ubisoft joints). There’s a mission midway that has some really sharp things to say about the diversity or lack thereof in Silicon Valley (And it might be the best one in the game)


Well there’s these:

and then there’s this forum post if you want my thoughts on it but I am by no means an expert of the subject and provide this more in case anyone wants to know how I feel feel about it specifically:


Shame, Dark Souls always seemed like an interesting series. Well just another set of games to add to the list of “don’t give money to transphobic developers”.

Shocked and disappointed that no one else has really brought this up on the forums before considering how many people here seem to play it. Really gives the impression that as long as your game is good for 90% then your allowed to be shitty in 10% of it :anguished:


I really really enjoyed the first half of watch dogs 2 (basically until they go to burning man) and even tho I fell off after that I highly recommend playing to that point. Is it worth a buy? prob depends on how much it’s goin for


I mean, your avatar is from a Nintendo game. I would think you would know a thing or two about playing something you have major issues with part of. Plus Dark Souls is 7 years old which is a long time in terms of the discourse and the content is buried where most people won’t see it. I would also like to see it brought up more but I can understand why it isn’t


It’s really esoteric side content in both games. I played through both, DLC included, and never ran into it.

EDIT: Also what @VulpesAbsurda said


I’d just get it on PC if you have a good PC. I bought the game twice(once on PS3 and once on PC) and I think it’s severely overpriced on Switch, even with the novelty of playing it on Switch.

Get it on PC because it goes on sale frequently and you can mod it to an insane degree. The main story isn’t great, anyways, since most of the appeal is just in exploring the game and in its sidequests. The writing is kind of weak overall but there are some really fun quests in there and there is an appeal to it as a game you play with a podcast in the background.


I just got a Switch with Zelda and I’ve been enjoying it so far. I’d love some good indie game recommendations other than the ones that are already big on PC(Night in the Woods, Darkest Dungeon, etc.). Any “dark horse” recommendations that aren’t “indie games” would be welcome too.

I’m also debating whether I should get Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe next. I want something for local multiplayer, but Odyssey looks like the perfect game for me to play since I’ve been playing too many shooters and bro-dude games lately and want a change of place.


Odyssey is one of those games I wish I could forget everything about so that I could experience it all again.

I don’t have MK 8, but I’m very tempted.


That’s high praise for Odyssey. I’m leaning towards it because I love the 3D main Mario games(I’m gonna take the hit and say Sunshine is better than Galaxy) and everything I’ve seen in Odyssey looks incredible.


Fair point, overall I think we should be taking everyone’s feet to the fire. I’m not going to say Nintendo should get a pass because they shouldn’t and I wish more people would talk about the problems their games have because they are far from innocent. As for Dark Souls being seven years old that is true but three did come out just two years ago and would have been a good time for people to start talking about the problems the first one had and if From Software had matured a bit. I mean look at the Persona series, with the release of 5 people have been talking about how shitty certain parts of 3 and 4 were and those games came out ten years ago.

That shouldn’t be an excuse for it though. That’s like saying it’s okay to have racist or sexist easter eggs in a game because the majority of players will not see it.


Yeah, but you can’t criticize something if you don’t know about it, now can you?


I’m all for holding feet to the fire, and all for avoiding content that personally t-bones your ability to enjoy the game due to content that hits your traumatic notes. That’s why I was so happy for Vulp’s criticism and response for links to criticism.

I personally can’t write off the developer as transphobic however. A lot of that comes from privilege, I have do doubt, but I also believe that bringing issues of representation into the light helps creators understand how their work is affecting others. There are a lot of devs out there that I would not trust to do this work, but in this case I, think letting the work exist alongside the criticism opens more possibilities to a better and more inclusive future.

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Thank you so much for giving me additional context for my immanent play though!


Thanks. Yea I was thinking about playing with a self-imposed non-lethal restriction (if that’s possible). I’m not interested in a game where I collect more guns and pile up bodies.

And I haven’t found too many Ubi stories engaging on any deep level, so I’m not expecting much there.


You can def play non-lethally! I finished the game without ever firing a gun and it’s really satisfying.


I, much to my own detriment, don’t own a PC capable of gaming and am kind of loath to do so. I am very attached to the idea of having my computer be for “work” (and yet here I am on my computer writing on a forum instead of working) and having a console for “play.”


I feel the same way, but my solution was to hook my computer to the TV and use a controller. I only play PC the “standard” way when I’m playing multiplayer or a PC-only game that has no controller support.


So, the current Xbox sale has the ‘Enhanced’ edition of Dying Light: The Following (basically everything in that game/all DLC) for about $20. I’ve always been a bit intrigued by the game, but I’m not sure. Has anybody else here played it? Impressions?


This game is really conflicting for me. It’s beautiful, the score is low-key incredible in some places, and the movement system is fantastic, but the story and loot system really bring the game down as far as I’m concerned. If you have friend that would play with you, I’d recommend it 100% but as a solo game I feel your time might be spent better elsewhere?