The 'Sims 4' Nihilistic Violence Mod Is Less Fun Than It Sounds

Content warning: this piece mentions miscarriage and abuse.

My Sim, Conrad Pike, was just trying to do some karaoke after work. Then the Thotties showed up.

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Yeah, I always seem to find myself frustrated with ‘mature’ mods for the Sims not fitting the tone.

As weird as this sounds, I want something ‘playful’ from my murder mods. Use the ways the game already lets sims die, accidental electrocution, bad pufferfish, malfunctioning fold up bed, and just allow us to rig those events to happen instead of them happening randomly. Hell, require that I have a certain level in the ‘Evil’ lifepath or something.

I don’t need a sim with a bloody hammer beating someone to death. It doesn’t make sense in the meta of the game. It looks so out of place and… Gross? I think back to Lionhead’s The Movies, which had your actors perform ‘action’ in the most over the top and overly dramatized way. GIMMIE THAT

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Less Saw, more Theater of Blood?

I was thinking more Roger Rabbit or Airplane.