The Sims Discovers Hygge With a New Knitting Expansion

Sure, there was a huge Nintendo leak, as well as the return of baseball and the unholy second season of Blaseball. But don't forget today's most important news. Simmers, Nifty Knitting has arrived, it is adorable, and all my Sims will not stop autonomously knitting. Gita and Austin freaked out over cats playing with balls of yarn and decorative Yarnys in this week's Waypoint Radio.

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I’m embarrassed enough when people read back sections of things I wrote ten years ago. God I’m embarrassed about things I wrote two years ago.

So them seeing rough drafts, whatever. I’m glad you’re interested, fam.

blaseball is pretty fun it turns out, and I didn’t even know the rules of baseball before today. Go tigers!! Never look back!


Out here making mistakes
Blaseball is good



Sims just knitting constantly is the most realistic depiction of knitters I could imagine.

“I’ve got my hands to go, gotta do something” - me, constantly

Wait, is “Always spend money on things that separate you from the ground” not as common of a phrase as I thought it was?

The Dallas Steaks are looking good this season!

This is what I get for opening my mouth

About the Nintendo leak, this was a good discussion that covered most of the aspects. I lean towards agreeing with Gita, because screw Nintendo, but if some actual people are hurt by this that’ll just plain blow. To Patrick’s dialogue about emulation teams benefiting from this though, as far as I can tell that’s going to be a straight no. I’ve read comments from some devs about avoiding to even look at leaked code, because if any of that makes it into the emulator code, that’ll be an instant invitation for Nintendo to shut the entire project down.


Haven’t played a Halo game since 2 but watched the reveal of Infinite and am kind of puzzled at what is supposedly bad about it. It looks … good. Games look good these days. Moreover, it looked like an actual tour of a game in development, and I’ll be sure to point to these reactions the next time someone asks why developers just show overly polished non-gameplay slices from their games, or why devs target 30hz instead of 60hz refresh rates.

Boy was that bad guy monologue at the end boring, though