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The Sims is dope. I hope we can all agree to that. It has one of the most passionate fan bases of ANY video game online, with a large swath of Let’s Players, Modders, Story Tellers, and Experimenters all throwing their hands at this weird doll house to see how they can make their little dolls happy or sad.

I wanna talk about this game ALL the time. There are some really great challenges people have made, giving the player distinct goals outside of the game:

There’s also just a bunch of fun Let’s Plays, such as Tim Rogers’ and Gita Jackson’s Black Widow series:

Or Abby Russell’s Seven Deadly Sims Series on Giant Bomb:

Or, if you’re a potential buyer, you could dive into LGR’s fantastically detailed reviews of each Sims expansion:

I just love talking about this game and seeing what people get up to. I’d love to see screenshots of the Sims you’re playing with, good mods you’re playing with, or just some fun stories.

I’m about to start a big Mafia legacy play through, starting from one small Sim criminal to a Mafia boss.

OR, I am thinking of creating a Control House, a seemingly normal house that has a bunch of Objects of Power or Supernatural creatures imprisioned in the basement.

What are you all working on?


Pretty sure I got Sims 4 for free when they were giving it out, but haven’t booted it up yet. Honestly the expansion / game pack / stuff pack model puts me off, there’s just so much to buy. I think it kind of sucks that the expansions aren’t included in Origin Access Premier, if they were I’d be way more likely to get in.

I have great memories of playing Sims 1 back in its heyday though, and I played quite a bit of 2 with my cousin who had it. I’m sure I’ll get into 4 eventually, the modding scene for it seems real interesting.

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I feel like EA would make a ton more money if they just treated the Sims like a subscription service.

I did the math a while back, and I THINK that if you compound the price of all the Game Packs released in a year, it basically is the same amount of a 10/15 dollar a month subscription service.

A lot of people, myself included, go through Sims phases where we play it for a HUGE chunk of time, and then quit for a bit. I think a subscription model would be a very cost effective way of getting in and out, and allowing the dedicated Simmers have a constantly monthly update of stuff.

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If all the expansions were in Origin Access my wife would do that in a heartbeat. Hell if they turned Sims 4 into an all content for a monthly fee cancel/re-up anytime subscription model it would do well.

Edit: @GoldenJoel… great minds.


Ha, we got the same mentality friendo.

Also, The Sims 1 OST is still so fucking good:

This is like the best working music.

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The expansion Sims 4: Discover University was announced this week. It’s dropping November 15.

When I was younger playing the Sims 2 and 3, I wanted nothing more than to have those college expansion packs so I could simulate the cool young adult life I dreamed of. The thought of college was so exciting!

Now with the Sims 4 college expansion is upon us I find myself incredibly uninterested? I’m far beyond that phase of my life now and playing around in a college setting has lost a lot of its glamour. Not a knock on the quality of the expansion. Just a reflection on myself, time passing, change, etc, etc. Like, I’m not ready to go back yet even in a videogame lol.

The new hairstyles they added look neat tho. Anyone planning on picking this up?


The 3 different schools look neat. I have a bunch of expansions to get before this before I buy tho. ;_;

The biggest news of this though is that you can have a multi sim household and only control 1 of them. I like that a lot.

Ah, that’s a great feature! I wish it was just added in and not tied to an expansion. Alas. :confused:

I’ve been eyeballing that Island Living expansion. I could use some tropical vibes.

Who knows, it might drop as a patch feature. That’s what they did with Toddlers.

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Looks like they added a bunch of stuff to the character creator.