The Sims Is My 'Last Normal Photo'

I can't figure out why Emily is dancing in her bikini. I've just turned on the simulation for all the Sims I've made of my coworkers, eight in total, and they're congregating in the living room, where I placed the stereo. Someone turned the radio on, and now they're all dancing. Sims tend to do this. When their Fun need is low, they often pick a random "fun object" to raise it. Dancing raises fun, and conveniently, Sims can also talk to each other and replenish their Social need at the same time. Eventually, I see that my Sims are hungry. I get Emanuel, my managing editor, to make a big salad. Soon enough, everyone is sitting around the dining room table, eating and talking. Something in my chest stings, looking at it. Emily, inexplicably, is still in her bikini.

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This piece was real fuckin’ good.

I wake up before 9/11, a child who truly believes that America won’t be at war in her lifetime.

holy shit

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