'The Sinking City' Dev Alleges Publisher Hacked and Illegally Uploaded Game to Steam

Last Friday, The Sinking City appeared on Steam without the consent of the game's developer, Frogwares, the company said. It's the result of a messy and ongoing lawsuit between the studio and the game's publisher, Nacon. The developer was actively campaigning for fans to avoid buying this copy of the game, and said it would have more to say about what was going on "soon."

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It was Frogwares that relied on our marketing and promotion teams, representing thousands of hours of work and several million euros worth of investment.

For something that had several million euros worth of investment in it I sure never saw anything related to this marketing campaign.

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Any word on whether the publisher is receiving the revenue from console sales? It’s now down to the price point where I’d consider giving it a spin. Despite its obvious issues, people did have a lot of interesting things to say about its approach to being a Lovecraft game.

One of the articles I read on this indicated that the PS5 edition was self-published by Frogwares.

Edit: It was the Waypoint one.

Frogwares recently published a PlayStation 5 version of The Sinking City on its own, but some versions remain out of its control


So, without knowing anything about the details at issue in the lawsuit, this course of action uh… seems pretty damning for Nacon. Maybe not in a legal sense, but it’s certainly enough to push a fence-sitter toward Frogwares’ side of this thing.

(I’m inclined to be sympathetic toward a developer over a publisher anyway, but I would have been willing to grant that it’s at least possible that Frogwares legitimately breached contract… until Nacon decided that cracking, scrubbing, and uploading an old version of the game was a good course of action.)

Even without the mountain of proof Frogwares presents, I’d be willing to believe that Nacon is terrible just because of their own statement here. I already find it harder to believe the publisher in a situation like this but I especially don’t trust one that says a game got made largely thanks to their own work.