The Slow Rise of Leftist YouTube


I started watching H Bomberguy’s videos a while back when he made a video about the dudes that were trying to crowd fund a documentary about Anita Sarkeesian. The bit where Bomberguy loses it because he realises that the dude is moving the same plastic skull inbetween takes so it is always visible in the background really just shows the mentality of these sad little movements. Laughter being the only way to react to them sometimes.

Gives me a degree of hope, or at least it did back in 2014…

Didn’t really know about the existence of any alt right YouTube before that. Anyone who calls himself Sargon of Akkad is obviously some edgelord stuck in his own room probably high on his own farts to the extent his brain has slightly melted.


Did I miss a layer of nuance that he tried to present? All I got out of that specific point was that the violent reaction towards people talking about violence in games is a huge problem because it misses the general point.

As for the general sentiment on ContraPoints, I think it’s sucky that her brand to me was always to comes off as one of the bros that hates “sjws” in order to appeal to people that feel the same way and get them on the track of left leaning politics. The way she describes it, it seems like a necessary evil but idk.

I agree that there’s definitely valid points in criticizing the left. However, I think that it’s important to couch these issues with the understanding that academically heavy social points being turned into offensive sound bytes is a result of disingenuous tactics on the right as much as it feels like academia relishes in sounding obtuse

Back to Contra: Her videos presenting both sides of the debate with equal merit may be reflection of her own uncertainty but maybe we shouldn’t address topics such as those found in the Aesthetic without doing some more research? It was a heavy watch for me and most trans fans. I did come to my own comforting conclusion but I think that with a topic like this she should be making sure not to leave fans in that state of “trans blackpilling” or at least make it clearer that this isn’t good.

I haven’t watched any other videos this guy has made but he talks about Sargon’s horrible debate with Richard Carrier and it was the only way I could possibly swallow anything Sargon has ever said for more than 5 minutes. It’s still tough listening to the clips used because c r i n g e

I admittedly watch destiny too, but wouldn’t recommend him. I feel like he has the same sorts of appeal as contrapoints does but dialed up 200%

His framing of discussing things like gamergate and racism is literally identical to the hardcore centrists trying to defend freedom of speech. He sounds like a centrist but has left leaning views I guess? And that’s what allows some people to listen to his points I guess??? In reality, I watched his stuff because while I don’t ever want to be that kind of person calling gamergate bros all the caustic shit that destiny calls them, sometimes hearing someone who’s both right and extremely mad about it is vilifying. Sometimes.

edit: tried to make this post less of a stream of consciousness mess


I’d like to shoutout Ash Hardell They are a nonbinary youtuber and have a great production value videos about lots of LGBTQ+ things. They deserve more visibility than they have.

Also I quite like Riley Dennis. She’s a trans woman who makes some good videos about trans stuff and the news and whatnot. Plus she just did a video about how every Mario Tennis character is queer and I thought it was really cute.


PhilosophyTube is an interesting one to me because he (from what I’ve seen at least) has a very earnest, often positive way of presenting things which is kind of refreshing given that so much criticism that comes from the left is often this endlessly snarky “can you believe these alt-right guys am I right” sort of attitude. I worry that too many progressive channels might be spending too much time just slinging useless insults at far-right personalities, or trying to reveal them as hypocrites and liars to their followers who do not give a fuck about facts or whether they’re being lied to. PT’s way of covering a huge amount of topics and trying to devote more time to actually explaining why leftist ideals will always be worth striving for (his healthcare video stands out as a good example of this) is something the scene needs more of.


I would like to recommend Dan Olson, aka Folding Ideas

Dan is a film editor who mixes film theory and media criticism with cultural criticism, and he is (imho) particularly good at unpacking bullshit and propaganda.


I really need a lack of snarkiness in the things I am consuming these days. It’s great for quick humor but I notice that I get snarky with interactions or conversations I’m having with people that could have otherwise been more insightful/thoughtful conversations.

PT seems pretty genuine from the intro on the channel.


I’ve become fond of Peter Coffin lately. He’s put into words ideas I’ve sort of been on the edge of for a long time but not really been able to articulate - like being very against condemning individual consumption for a systemic problem.

Also I love anyone or anything that makes fun of adverts. It’s like catnip for me.


…isn’t that the guy who got outed as a transphobe late into GG when he became a gaming leftist celeb? I remember he did a lot of dumb crap on Twitter a few years back but it’s been so long that I don’t remember the details.


Have you ever watched Riley’s streams on Twitch?


Super Best Friends aren’t perfect, but they just recently posted a video about the Rockstar Crunch Culture that I really liked:


I haven’t. I’ve seen her post some fortnite stuff (which isn’t really my jam), but I’ll have to check it out for myself.


For me the thing with ContraPoints is that she basically says the quiet parts of trans/queer culture very loudly and publicly, and those things would probably be okay to point out in queer spaces but as it stands they are being said very publicly

That said I am a very big fan of her body of work as a whole, and do fundamentally agree with her on the essence of the arguments she makes re: trans culture (lord, some of the stuff she says on the Incel video especially hits deep with some forums I’ve seen out there)


Olly’s stuff has been my real go-to lately. It’s definitely in part to his earnest presentation, but also because the way he comprehensively explains and debunks things makes certain topics feel way easier to tackle after the video’s over.

Also, I can really get behind someone who’s as dedicated as he is to making the otherwise elite and expensive knowledge of philosophy free for everyone to learn and discuss (especially discuss. It’s one thing to do the equivalent of making a channel of free philosophy .pdfs, but to cultivate a community interested in those discussions is something that would be otherwise impossible to find outside of higher education (though his comment sections have their fair share of buttheads)).


Coincidentally a friend of mine showed me Contrapoints the other night when I was staying at theirs and I really enjoyed her video on Jordan Peterson. It’s a very comprehensive takedown and she’s_much_ fairer on him than she needs to be. I’m planning on sending it to a mate of mine who keeps defending Peterson as he’s a bit of a “marketplace of ideas, listen to all sides!” sorta person and he can’t accuse Contra of not debating Peterson’s points directly.


He’ll just say you and Contra just took Peterson out of context.


I like Natalie’s work generally speaking, and she’s quite intelligent and well reasoned. That being said, her video “The Aesthetic” was very, very, very, very frustrating to watch. I worry that cis people will take/have taken the video at face value, which is bad news. I’ll leave it at that for now.


His recent video on suicide (obvious cw for that btw) was one of the few YouTube videos that really significantly struck me emotionally. Struccifilms takes a similar tone/analytical role in her videos, too.


The video on Antifa was my introduction to Olly’s stuff. As naive and maybe irresponsible as that sounds he has been incredibly helpful for me to build my leftist vocabulary. It really is way different when you have the words to defend yourself when someone tries to negate your personhood.


This is another thing about her videos that I think rubs a lot of people with far-left views the wrong way. Her refusal to dismiss Peterson (and occasionally others) outright as a fascist (she makes it very clear early on that she doesn’t think he’s a fascist, but that he nevertheless holds and preaches views that are obviously very harmful and have the most potential to hurt vulnerable groups) and instead examining and directly countering what he is saying is a polarizing action among a lot of people I talk to, where debate on how we should handle people like JP and his followers is ongoing, and often times the sentiment is we just absolutely should not give these guys the time of day.

Do we engage with their points and waste the energy trying to change minds? How do we decide definitively who is truly arguing in good faith? At what point is it fair to outright dismiss someone as a dangerous demagogue never worth engaging with whatsoever? They’re things I kinda go back and forth on tbh, but I think there’s room for someone like her who takes a less aggressive, extremely confrontational approach to figures like JP and doesn’t devote her entire video to just mocking him and instead breaks down his worldview, as muddled, bizarre, paranoid and vaguely anti-Semitic as it is. She pokes enough fun without laughing him off and ignoring why his rhetoric resonates with his fans so much that they spend every waking minute of their time yelling at me on Twitter about how I don’t understand what he’s saying because I haven’t watched all 346 hours of his lectures on why I need to make my bed and also make sure to ignore people’s preferred pronouns lest I bring about the fall of civilization

But yeah in summary the phrase “lobster daddy” still pops into my mind whenever someone mentions that dude, so CP’s videos are pretty powerful apparently


I don’t always love everything Contra says but I agree with you completely that she’s doing the work most of us don’t have the time or energy to do on an individual basis - presenting the Reasoned Debate crowd with really well researched and exhaustive rebuttals to their ideology. I think ultimately if she’s providing stuff other left wing folks can point to instead of having to endlessly relitigate these arguments, that’s a good service.

The thing I was worried about for a while was that she was going to get Laci Green style love bombed by the right and get taken in by it, but she seems too smart to fall for that stuff (which is hard - everybody wants to be liked and choosing to exist in an ecosystem where you get questioned a lot is probably exhausting, even if that dialogue is important).