The Small Town Story of 'Night in the Woods' Is Even Better on a Big Screen

It might seems counter-intuitive, for such an intimate, unflinching look at young adult angst and small-town ennui, but Night in the Woods plays even better on a big screen.

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Aside from games more or less made for PC (e.g. Overwatch, TF2), I’ve drifted way off of PC gaming in the last year since I just don’t find it a very comfortable experience for most games.

I remember feeling let down by the ending to NITW, I’m wondering if I should give it another chance.

The dialogue during the ending and epilogue was really on-the-nose, didn’t feel natural. Was hoping for something more restrained along the lines of Firewatch’s ending.

Also wasn’t sure if they were implying that everyone isn’t actually animal people, that’s just how Mae’s cognitive issues causes her to see them .

Its sad that the last few minutes of a a 15 hour experience have soured your opinion so much. I enjoyed the open interpretation of the ending and, other than depression quest, its probably the best attempt to look at mental health I’ve seen a game do. My interpretation of what occurred was very much ingrained with it being mostly in Mae’s head.Anyway, the last 1/3 of the game is nowhere near a David Cage level of nonsense.

Not entirely sure what the point of this article is other than to remind people just how good NiTW is and that vector graphics do scale very well!

Alex wrote some good thoughts in reply to someone over on GB

@anon27416743 Take this as you will, but whenever I’ve seen someone ask Scott Benson why Mae and friends don’t have tails despite being represented as animals, he’s always said something like “they’re not animals, they’re people”.

For the record, both the out-of-left-fieldness and the on-the-nose-ness of the ending landed for me. I felt how I imagine Mae felt. One moment I’m at Possum Jump talking stars with Angus and the next everything is spiraling out of control.

Regarding the art: I have to imagine that the style reads incredibly well on a big screen, considering how I felt playing the game at my desk with a relatively small monitor. I don’t have any way to sit at a couch to play games at the moment, but if I ever do in the near future Night in the Woods is something I’ll be sure to play with that setup.