The smells that linger in your home


I went out for some “fresh air” and when I returned home I noticed it smelled like overcooked chicken.

About an hour ago I had overcooked some chicken so this made sense.

Which smells have recently lingered in your homes waypointers? Do they have origin stories?



JK, recently though I came home to the smell of steamed broccoli because my roommate was making a bunch. It was really good though.


We have a two month old so we’ve added a new smell of breast milk to our standard smells of dog, garlic, and rosemary


Yup, same thing here, I like cooking meat or burger patties a lot, and my apartment is fairly small, so even with good ventilation it’ll smell like bbq odour for a while after.
Otherwise it’s fairly neutral.


An unholy mixture of dog that’s been out in the sun and a desperate, futile spritz of fresh cotton febreeze


Once I made pirogies and my house smelled like pirogies for a few days that was nice


Our entire house smells like dog. We’ve had dogs since before we moved streets when I was little. At one point in time, we had four dogs; I’m sure you can imagine the sheer amount of hair and odor produced by them. We only have two little dogs now, but they still maintain The Funk and general hairiness pretty well.

I’m also allergic to them, which is great and doesn’t bother me one bit.


I’m not allowed by law to speak of The Bathroom

My bedroom smells like bird though, that’s what happens when you have a parakeet just a faint oder of bird seed


when i came home from school, i could really notice the smell of the old wood trim at my folks’ place. ive stopped noticing it over the past year, tho. by the piano, the carpet smells distinctly like cat – she’s doing much much better now, but at one point her anxiety got pretty bad. my room is whatever scented candle i’ve got going.


Came home yesterday and I caught the smell of ripening banana so I threw that trash in the fridge. Otherwise been smeling like the flowers blooming outside, since we are currently in a permanent open window situation, so we don’t boil.

Sometimes it will smell like curry.

Not a lot of old smells, since it was renovated before we moved in four months ago.


I have a corgi visiting my house this weekend, so I suspect I am in for a bit of dog smell in my future.


Part of the house was a porch that just had some walls built around it. Sometimes a skunk decides to hang out under there…you can imagine how that smells.


my room smells like dust and candles bc I live in a storage room that I can’t ever fully clean and light a lot of candles, sometimes it smells like dust and incense instead

the kitchen often smells a lot like garlic, ginger, and because I cook a lot with staple South Asian spices like cardamom, turmeric, cumin, various blends of curry powder and masala spices, it often smells like the table at an Indian restaurant nearest to the kitchen


I just mixed up a fresh pint of garam marsala so now my kitchen smells like that and it’s great


This Masala Box series on Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana’s channel changed my culinary life tbqh


If you have any unwanted smells in your house and can’t get rid of them even when you’ve removed the offending source (so say food that went off, stinky garbage, badly draining drains) - a handy tip is boiling water with orange (or any citrus rinds) and cloves, cinnamon. It creates very pleasant notes that will help mask the stink a bit if you are having people over or have aversion to nasty strong smells or whatever.

ETA: You can also make your own orange or citrus cleanser as well if you want to clean something and not smell chemicals:

50/50 water and vinegar + orange essential solution is a cool way to clean stuff that doesn’t have a ton of harsh chems and also cleans a shit ton of things. I use vinegar/water cleaner on a lot of stuff that doesn’t need specific cleansers (catbox is a great choice here)! Tip: must like smell of vinegar though.


I have a smell of tea and cookies


Usually kimchi. (My wife is Korean and we eat it with most meals.)


We make a lot of waffles and a lot of foods with fresh garlic at my place, so depending on which we’ve had most recently the apartment tends to either smell like butter and cinnamon or the very embodiment of garlic (and probably onions too). :sparkles::fork_and_knife::sparkles:


I did not think this was going to turn out to be the “Food I cook / dogs I own” thread and I have to say it’s way less gross than I was expecting the thread to be.

Our house smells like dried milk because we have a baby. It’s not great TBH but at least it’s temporary.