The SNES Mini Is Real, Includes ‘Star Fox 2’, and Is Out in September


The previously rumored 16-bit mini-console features 21 games and, look, just hold me right now, okay?

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GOOD GOLLY. A bunch of these are games I’ve already played through…various means, but if the release line up is the same worldwide then getting a hold of Earthbound and Super Mario RPG in Europe (with Starfox 2, presumably a more finished version than the fan translated ROM from a couple years back??) is real cool. I want one thanks.


if the mini snes doesn't have tetris attack on it then it's an expensive piece of garbage

— simone✌️ (@simonicles) April 19, 2017
I stand by it

(assuming it won’t be possible to three-player co-op secret of mana, right)


This info is direct from Nintendo UK before anywhere else, so yes, that list of games = 100% the games that are on the European SNES Mini.


I shall not look at this piece of hardware until this song is in there

I’m pretty sure the Tetris Company would lobby hard to make sure this game is buried forever though.


This line-up is nuts. Star Fox 2 is a neat inclusion regardless of it’s quality (nice that it didn’t count for the 20 games). The RPGs are also solid additions. It seems like you’d sit down and play this longer than the NES version. Obviously emulators are still a thing, but this is much more compelling than the original to me.


I like the game line-up. I never picked up the NES classic because the controller cord length was absurd. Here’s to hoping they give some more length for the controller cables.


Folks gotta get that heroin bump now before someone invents a way to play SNES games on a computer.


I’m mostly Doing A Goof it is a solid lineup yes

I just
really frickin love tetris attack

(personally, I mean, I literally have a SNES in my room, and most of these games I’d want to play I already have either on that and/or virtual console stuff so, you know. it’s not for me)


Really stoked for this, actually

Only title I’m bummed they’re missing is Super Mario All-Stars :frowning:


How do will be able to I buy one though? If you were able to get an NES Mini, how did you do it?

Pre-order? Waiting list? Kill a guy?


The inclusion of Star Fox 2 pretty much guarantees that the collector’s market will be out for blood so that they can buy up as many as possible to keep pristine in their boxes and never used.


Other than choosing the wrong Donkey Kong Country this is a pretty faultless list. If only I could have the European version with actual colours.


Oh man, three person Mana would be rad.


One of my top three games (Super Metroid) and my favorite RPGS( Mario, Mana And Earthbound) all in one with so much more amazing stuff. I want it all. When is the pre-order.


A little bummed that Chrono Trigger, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Shaq Fu (listed in order of seriousness) didn’t make it onto the system, but I get it, and the current list is stellar.


still find it hilarious that Nintendo values snes games almost 2x as much as nes games.


Damn, NBA Jam would have been sick, but probably a licensing nightmare.


Probably the same with Griffey :frowning: Damn you classic sports games!


No Chrono Trigger and the wrong DKC is a huge shame. Also, the overall limit of 21 games instead of the NES classic’s 30 is awful for the console with, IMO, the best selection of games ever. You can see which games were put in just to have multiplayer stuff, too.

Star Fox 2 addition is cool, but when you consider that 2 of these 21 games are Star Fox games, which I don’t think has aged well, seems like they could have dropped the first one. No one would have complained about that.