The Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is upon us

I think that the Gangsta’s Paradise thing is just a general 90’s nostalgia era thing, but it would be pretty hilarious of Sonic was just a die hard mid 90’s gangster rap fan. Just blasting Keep Their Heads Ringin and Gin and Juice all the time.


Ska would have been a better choice, tbh

There’s no way Sonic doesn’t jam to Mighty Mighty Bosstones


The thing is you could pretty easily make a fun Sonic movie if you just didn’t get everything about Sonic wrong. I think Sonic is a fun and good character in the cartoons, and they have a good supporting cast and shit.

The first ten minutes or something would be a cartoon. Sonic and Tails attack Robotnik’s lair because some reason or whatever, but Robotnik has built a portal to another world, because mischief. Oh no, Robotnik escapes to the other world, we better follow him, Sonic! So they go to the other world, OUR world, if you must, and guess what, Sonic and Tails continues to be cartoons (but Robotnik doesn’t because Jim Carrey is good casting), that look like they are supposed to and NOT like THAT THING in the trailer. And then you have some jokes and good-humoured positive stuff and it’s not more difficult than that.


Be careful what you wish for, there’s only one place a cartoon sonic interacting with human beings can go…



Sonic said “I need to save your planet” and all I could do was nod lol thank g Jim Carey is in this


On a more serious note, save the planet from what? Was that clear in the trailer?

What I got is 1. Sonic causes a power outage 2. US government is trying to investigate 3. Jim Carrey. 4. Eggman wants to capture Sonic.

Am I just a fool for trying to find a semblance of a plot here?


Sonic the Hedgehog is canonically a WMD


We live in hell world

His design occupies a real weird middle-ground between “he needs to be a faithful recreation of the original character” and “we need a character we can actually put on a poster”. It’s a compromise that I doubt anyone was really happy with.

The pokemon in Detective Pikachu all look super uncanny valley, but they have a clear design philosophy of being the original creatures—weird as they are—with realistic CG features, which does a better job of selling the novelty of the premise.

I would bet you there was a character artist who was really pushing for a more faithful design, and felt a bittersweet validation at the mostly positive reception to Detective Pikachu going all out in that direction.


This radiates Extreme Stupid Energy.

I love it.


One thing I will say, is that I forgot just how good Jim Carrey is at this whole thing. I mean love or hate the style of classic Jim Carrey, they guy really is amazing at controlling his body/voice, and it honestly impressed the hell out of me.


He really is perfect casting if he’s gonna be channeling mid-90’s “peak Carrey”

I like all these things.

I like James Marsden, I like Ben Schwartz, as long as I don’t think about the anti-vaxxer stuff I like Jim Carrey, I like Sonic as long as I’m not playing it.

I’m gonna see this, provided my wife doesn’t veto me.

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I am so happy that they’re gonna do the Street Fighter The Movie thing with Eggman, where he starts off looking nothing like the original version and ends the movie with a more faithful look. Honouring the legacy of good-bad videogame movies of yore. I salute the, Sonic the Hedgehog.


I fully expect the movie’s going to do that “prequel” thing of “this character doesn’t look like how you remember them, but at the very end/post-credits we’ll see them in their iconic outfit!” I would not be surprised if that clip at the end of the trailer is literally all there is of classic Robotnik.

Like…here’s 2.3 seconds of the thing you wanted, thanks for sitting through the previous 120 minutes.

PROVE ME WRONG, Sonic movie.

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YUP. I would definitely be mad about this if I didn’t love this fuckin’ Young Eggman look. Eggman as he appears in the prestige Netflix drama about his youth, probably comissioned by Eggman himself.

Best case scenario we get a Dr Robotnik solo film documenting his rise to power in the military.

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I wish.

This is the most boring thing I have ever seen in my entire life if you remove Jim Carry mugging. It’s so clear they had absolutely no ideas and just went “just do what we do for every other cartoon character in the real world movie we’ve done in the past two decades.” At least Detective Pikachu has confidence in itself and is actually trying something weird, so even if it fails, it will be an interesting failure. This just looks mediocre in all the ways every slap dash Hollywood cash-in flick has for decades now. I think this might actually be worse than when we all thought this would be an absolute disaster because at least that would be somewhat memorable.

I also don’t really care much about Jim Carry doing his Jim Carry thing anymore because the whole thing got ruined for me the day I found out he was a massive anti-vaxxer.


Now I just want an Unraveled about Robotnik’s military hierarchy

Does BDG have the sheer power to do two Sonic videos?

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If there is not an original song with lyrics it will not be a true Sonic media property.


The humor seems roughhhhhh. I get it, kids movie, but man they were all misses