The Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is upon us

I truly did not think it could be done…

I know who’s gonna be my valentine :heart_eyes:

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That looks way better than it has any right to.


That looks pretty good and now this looks like it will be a mildly amusing kid’s film instead of a Smurfs 2 style disaster.


You can redesign your main character but you cant rewrite that abysmal script


Honestly, some bad lines are way more forgivable when they’re not coming out of a hyper realistic Sonic.exe CGI style creation. This looks okay and forgettable instead of child scarring.

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It looks fun!

I’ll check it out.

I hope the Blu-ray version has whatever was done for the original Sonic model on it.

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I can’t wait for nightmare sonic first cut to be a sort of mythical sought after cult classic that only a few people have seen.


I’m not going to lie.

I was secretly hoping it would look even worse.


I really wanted them to double down on the original design. This is so… safe.

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Would it make sense to the plot? NO
Woruld it be cool? YEAH


Now it just looks bad in a boring way.

At least Carrey looks like he’s fun.

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The latte joke is objectively good.


I just hope the animators got paid properly, didn’t have to crunch, and that their studio won’t have to file for bankruptcy as a result of a Paramount marketing team’s awful decision making.


Release the Snyder Cut of Sonic, you cowards.


speaking as someone who read Boxer Hockey, it’s really cool to see Tyson work on big projects like this.
speaking as someone who read Sonic’s Big Fat Adventure, it’s really weird to see Tyson work on big projects like this.


In words that are supposed to be said in a style similar to Jeff Gerstmann’s excitable gamer dude who only wants to see gritty Zelda:

“Yeah, I wanna see Sonic fuck!”

I still think that first trailer was a publicity stunt. As a Sonic fan, disappointment has become a friend. So I expect to be disappointed when a new Sonic thing comes out. I expect to either turn the console off, or turn my phone away and just close my eyes, sigh and sit in complete silence for a moment before I muster up the courage to get on with my life. Whenever Sonic has interacted with humans in the 3D games it’s always been weird, I think he even had a girlfriend at points… Ever since they announced a live action sonic movie, this was always the inital concern of how sonic would look in the real world with your perfectly normal looking James Marsden.

What was probably a perfectly fine family comedy starring an animated hedgehog based on a retro-gaming icon WITH ATTITUDE was always going to be fine, but it you want the internet to really talk about you soon to be released film, you had to give the world a glimpse of bad sonic, with his awful face but well toned legs to create a story that the film would be fixed by the second trailer.

Perhaps I’m given Paramount too much credit here. People have told me that they were ready to ship this thing as evidenced by bad sonic appearing on leaked promotional slides - but it doesn’t take long to make a couple of marketing slides with a couple of buzzwords identifying your brand as edgy and cool. Next to Mario in the early 90s, Sonic was the alt ‘Pepsi’ the edgy Pepsi brand with attitude. The problem with Sonic now is that that whole schtick no longer really works - corporate mascots can’t be edgy or cool anymore, perhaps the film makers know this as well - which is why they got Jean Ralphio to do the voice.

As cinema continues to struggle with games and streaming. More and more the stories about a film’s development are being used to get people talking on the internet.

Taking off my tinfoil hat now.

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The old design definitely wasn’t a publicity stunt. They had already licensed out a ton of merch for the movie that was already in production that they had to cancel. Also I imagine that if it was a publicity stunt that stuff about it being one would’ve leaked a long time ago.


The sheer cost of design, production and marketing would make producing two versions for a simple pr stunt ludicrous and counterproductive.

Considering how historically poorly some excecs have handled adaptations it’s more than likely the old design was a result of corporate meddling and didn’t drop until they saw how poorly it was received, and how it would most likely hurt their bottom line / potential recoup of good will with redoing it.

While it can be fun to theorise about I think it kind of underestimates and misrepresents the work that went into it and how much extra they probably needed to do to rectify it.

I am very happy to see just how great it looks in comparison, potential script problems aside. I’m not even a Sonic fan and I’m impressed.

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