The Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is upon us

Yeah, I can absolutely imagine the stakeholder’s meeting that led to that first design. “No, no, he’s got to look like he fits with the real-world stuff. Maybe like he could be a guy in a suit, even though we’re going with CGI?”

It wasn’t a conspiracy, just normal design-by-committee stuff.


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Should be noted the Sonic movie is not why the studio died, but rather Disney canning a bunch of Fox projects they were supposed to do and screwing them over on payment for The Lion King.

Though it sounds like the Sonic redesign was also filled with Crunch but that just seems to be the norm for the movie SFX industry which is also extremely bad and terrible.

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Yeah, Sonic needing to be completely redesigned with just a three month delay definitely didn’t help, but also it’s probably not the cause of the VFX artists having to crunch so much. It’s pretty likely that they would be doing a ton of overtime on a different project instead if the Sonic redesign didn’t happen.

The game industry definitely isn’t alone in having major problems like crunch.

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It’s worth noting that the SFX industry has been a special sort of hell in particular. Studios get screwed over hard, and employees even harder. Just look up what happened to Life of Pie and Sausage Party. With the game industry, there are a few companies that might treat you well. When you’re in the movie studio system, not so much, and there’s far less options.

So this just dropped

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My wife made it less than a minute, didn’t even get to see the TikTok rapper. (The Child but is in their mid twenties?)

I forced myself to get past a minute and then got some good “this is so bad” chuckles out of it.

My 8 year old likes the video because it has Sonic and humans going into a Sonic video game. He did not like the music though.

The hook won’t leave my head though so looks like I’m truly the fool here.

I love how little Ty Dolla references Sonic. In the theme for the Sonic movie this dude talks about Nipsey Hussle and Tay-K more than Sonic. It’s amazing

So since early screenings have started happening, the first social media impressions have started popping up. These pretty much always tend to overhype the movie, but sounds like this movie might actually be good??


Maybe this is what Kojima meant when he said we’d be ashamed of our words.


If both Tam and Gary Whitta like it I think I’ll have a good time watching it, and sometimes that’s enough.

Even if this movie turns out to be bad or mediocre or something, at the very least Ben Schwartz is perfect casting for Sonic.


That was an amazing interview. The reveal of what Sonic is – CANONICALLY – running from was pretty shocking.




Domestically, Sonic is having a better opening weekend than Detective Pikachu did, which made $54.4 million domestically in its opening 3-day weekend. There’s a bunch of factors here, mainly with that Sonic doesn’t have nearly as much competition as Pikachu did, but still it’s doing way better than anticipated. A sequel is looking pretty likely.

Also I saw the movie and it was alright. Sonic’s character is handled pretty well and the performances are fun. Also it has some really weird and blatant product placement.

If you were holding out hope that this would be a fun disaster like the Mario Bros movie and not just an incredibly average kids movie, I’ve got bad news for you. The “weirdest” it gets is a reference to the Gotta Go Fast drawing, and an X-ray of Sonic’s gross human feet.

For as much as Pokemon is the bigger franchise, Detective Pikachu is such an offbeat choice for the first live action outing of that series, whereas this Sonic movie is exactly what you’d expect from a movie adaptation of a game mascot.

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Yep, saw it with the 8 year old. He loved it. It was a perfectly fine kids movie, which is what it has looked like since the first images came out. Fun enough to watch along side the kids but I wouldn’t have seen it childless. Jim Carry did his thing.

Ben Swartz seem super happy to be doing this and I do hope they get to do a sequel.

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Saw the movie Sunday afternoon and I enjoyed it. I had just wrapped up KH3 so I was on a real friendship-is-the-true-power kick. I also really enjoyed Gene Park’s review in the Washington Post.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Detective Pikachu but I found it a fun time nonetheless. There’s a pretty sharp divergence from the mythology of the games that might be a turn-off to purists. Watching it really made me want to go home and play Sonic Mania but I resigned myself to finishing Re Mind and I think the moment has fled.

There’s a couple dozen different Sonic continuities at this point, including several different ones that are supposed to make up the main cannon, so no worries. Sonic fans have long move past the green eyes days.

just saw the movie! pretty fun, definitely for kids, which I do not have, but I enjoyed it anyway! im always down for james marsden