The Special Satisfaction of Finishing a Great Video Game Epic


After a long run, I finally finished ‘Breath of the Wild.’

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In Dishonored 2 the character is named Emily, not Elizabeth.


I think this is the reason why people want games to be long is the journey they go through a lengthy game. In a way it like life, the ups and downs, the drama and the achievements, and the end of the story. It only works with games that have good pacing between it systems.


I too love this satisfaction and I too so rarely experience it. It’s interesting that you mention Lincoln Clay - I’m just now going back to Mafia III after getting distracted for the last several months. That game really is something special in terms of atmosphere and storytelling, even if the gameplay gets rote quickly.

Congrats on finishing up Breath of the Wild. I haven’t wrapped that one up either, yet, but I will. I hope.


I can sort of sympathize with the author here (Can’t tell if it was Danielle or Rob. The text of the header says Danielle, but the image shows an RZ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). I haven’t even been able to start many of the big games that released over the past few years as a student and now a young professional. It’s weirdly comforting to know that people writing about games full time have trouble squeezing them into their schedule.

The last game I felt that kind of satisfaction about finishing was Red Dead Redemption. That was about as much due to the time I spent with it as it was to the writing.

The game could have easily wrapped up everything from the ambush that kills John onward in a cutscene. Instead you get to use the same Dead Eye and duel mechanics you’ve had throughout most of the game.

Taking out multiple enemies at a time is typically a breeze with Dead Eye, but I felt the same helplessness John did when that mob appears outside his barn. I was tempted to load an old save after dying at that point, but my appreciation for the story up until then kept me moving forward. The mini revenge plot they wrote for Jack worked great because of how strongly attached I’d become to the protagonist over the course of the story. It’s been several years since I finished it so I’m not sure if RDR qualifies as an epic, but it was a heck of a journey.

All that plus the the late title card had me fist pumping throughout the end credits.