The Star Wars Universe Is The Best Universe For Games, Right?



I’m told this post should be at least 20 characters, but the headline says it all.


I think for being shooters it can be a challenge, I don’t think any of the iconic guns from the movies map well to games and always end up taking a back seat to them fancy Jedi swords anyway.


Probably easier to find someone in the games industry with a Star Wars game to their credit than without, so that’ll probably speak for itself.


Only if the game in question is a multiplayer game where there are Jedi in it and then also characters that are not Jedi but have guns and you let me shoot all the stupid Jedi with my guns and it is fair and I can murder them

Then yes, yes it is


Yes. This holds true thanks to the Jedi Outcast - Jedi Academy - KotOR - KotOR 2 foursome alone.

P.S.: Republic Commando


Please, call it by its correct title, “Star Wars: Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy”

anyway the best star wars thing that has ever been made is the kinect dancing game.


Yes, I think so. It’s just so built out after years of RPG worldbuilding on the side. Glixel had a cool article on it last year.

Edit: Also this WEG RPG booklet.


Thing is… a lot of the great games of the the past are no longer canon. Disney is more strict in what they allow. Not really censorship, but more structured. So the real question is… is the disney+starwars universe a good place for new games?


With any popular IP that have game adaptations, the universe is only as good as the writers make it and that goes double for the Star Wars universe.


I think it certainly has been in the past. Knights of the Old Republic, Republic Commando, Battlefront, the Jedi Knight series, X-Wing, on and on and on… That said, it hasn’t been so great lately and time will tell if EA manages to put out some new classics. Battlefront 2015 seemed a bit of a misfire but I’m eager to see what Visceral and Respawn can do with the license. (Who wants to bet we finally see a reveal from one or both at E3 next month?)


It CAN be, but rarely do people use it for anything beyond the name recognition. Games like Republic Commando, TIE Fighter, and the Dark Forces games do some great world building.


I don’t think Disney will be a meaningful restriction. They’re still putting out plenty of absolutely wild expanded universe stuff so I think that the canon wipe was more of a convenience thing (to get all of the post-film stuff out of the way) than a significant change in philosophy.


The places I’m most excited for the series to visit are the side stories. Games like Force Unleashed and Bounty Hunter (pour one out for 1313) offer interesting stories without having broad repercussions for the overarching cinematic story. The Force Unleashed series introduced a new character and let you force choke folks without the baggage that comes along with being a Skywalker. Bounty Hunter (which wasn’t, strictly speaking, good) attempted to add a bit of flavor to an interesting secondary character. The upcoming Battlefront 2 campaign mode stuff seems like a throwback to some of the series’ past works.


Fast and the Furious would probably be a better one.


Why has no one made a Star Wars tactics game in the vein of X-COM 2? Swap humans for the Rebellion and swap the aliens for The Empire. It works really well when you think about it.I would love that game.


Honestly there are a lot of variations of [insert IP] X-COM I would play the ever loving shit out of.


Games like Force Unleashed and Bounty Hunter (pour one out for 1313) offer interesting stories without having broad repercussions for the overarching cinematic story

Vader having an apprentice we never knew about who was ridiculously powerful and caused all kinds of trouble is pretty huge. Also it literally shows the formation of the Rebellion. I do like The Force Unleashed but it’s better off not being canon.

Iirc they even tried to bill the game as the middle chapter between the PT and OT.


You nailed it. Don’t forget that they made it canon that the Rebellion used Starkiller’s family crest as the symbol of the Alliance. I love so much of the Star Wars Extended Universe but I was happy when they removed Force Unleashed from canon.


The canon wipe is for the best. You can’t do an entire EU’s worth of comics/books/games/movies with an existing one already in place that you have to adhere to.


Dark Forces, my dude. Dark Forces.