The Stories We Make Ourselves - thread for emergent narratives


I’ve seen several threads, including one I’ve made, asking for stories about your time in a particular game. Perhaps it’s better to keep those stories separated by game, but perhaps not! I thought I might create a catch-all thread for this topic. If this is something that’s too broad (by this forum’s standards) or if people would prefer to continue making threads for individual games, that’s cool with me.

My thought behind this is that the emergent stories games can create are one of the best things about the medium, and I like the idea of swapping stories about our time in different spaces within a single space. Like talking about our separate days at work at the dinner table or the bar.

To that end, please, share your stories, regardless of where they took place.


Well, this was a while ago, but it stuck with me for some reason. (Spoilers for the ending of The Last of Us)

[spoiler]The last combat section of The Last of Us became a very tense affair. It’s 1AM. I, the player, am very tired. Joel is running on empty here with little ammo and no more medkits, and there’s so many enemies you have to deal with.

Near the end, I make a mad dash down a hallway and into the room where they’re operating on Ellie. So there’s three doctors in this room, right? Now, none of them are a threat. I have a shotgun raised and I have the upper hand. But one of them grabs a scalpel. This guy is probably five feet away, but without any hesitation I shoot him.

It’s a little silly, since obviously this is a video game, but for two seconds it didn’t feel like a game. Like, I think running low on supplies and navigating a heavily guarded hospital built up so much tension that when I finally reached my objective so when the guy pulled the scalpel on Joel, I didn’t think twice about shooting him. I didn’t wait for that doctor to lunge forward and initiate a QTE or whatever. It’s probably the most intense experience I’ve had in a game. I was just so hellbent on staying alive and getting Ellie out of there.[/spoiler]


Great thread! Here is a more recent one.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is basically a “dope story generator” has spawned so many for me, though nothing as great as my only victory, after playing the game for forty-five hours.

Luke and I had played a few games to warm up before settling on this run to be “the one.” He had a few victories under his belt, and we were intent on getting my first. We dropped near the south side of the main island, banking on it being a relatively unpopular place to start. We were very, very wrong. As we landed near Mylta Power Plant dozens of other players descended around us. We had until we landed to come up with a plan. There was no way we would survive the opening firefight, there were just too many.

So we ran. The second our feet hit the ground we did exactly what you should never do, and ran away from where we might find guns. We weaved between rocky outcroppings to make sure we were covered from behind - if somebody got lucky and picked up an automatic we were DOA. We settled on crossing the bridge to the military base - which if you’ve played PUBG before, you never do on foot - it’s suicide by sniper, but we didn’t have much choice.

As we reach the end of the bridge we see our salvation - a supply crate falling 100 meters from our position. Not just a stroke of luck, but a highly improbable way to get us back in to the game. The sniper rifle inside of it went to Luke, who, much younger than I, is a better shot. We found an assault rifle for myself nearby. And not a moment too soon. A jeep flies past us, we hit the deck. Undetected.

The circle of death, that constantly pushes players together, is working to our advantage, it’s closing around the military base. Which is good because that’s where we are. Bad because that means a whole lot of people with guns are coming our way.

We hike up in to the hills, carving our way south west, around the southern most end of the military base. 30 players remaining. We find a high fence to hide behind, covering us from most angles. 24 players remaining. We crawl in the grass, the circle of death closing in on us. 16 players left. We make it to an open field. 10 players left.

A: Movement, 165, large rock. Two of em.
B: Finding shot
A: Go quick
B: Found
A: Firing in 3, 2, 1.

4 players left. Shots from Northwest. Luke is hit. Luke is Healing. Luke throws a flashbang and yells “flank from east.” Luke draws fire while I sneak around.

Two headshots. 1st place. Luke and I start screaming and cheering, nearly in tears.


My favorite story that’s happened to me in a video game is when i was playing Dark Souls 3 with my boyfriend, back around launch. We got to the penultimate area where theres a stairway to the final Lord of Cinder, and we got invaded in this big gauntlet with a bunch of knight enemies.

However, I had a giant tree seed, which makes it so invaders get attacked by enemies! The red phantom then proceeded to completely clear out the gauntlet, and then go home, while me, my boyfriend, and a blue phantom watched from a nearby tower.

I don’t really know why the invader fought all of those enemies? Maybe he kept pulling them and at some point just kind of gave up and decided he’d do us a solid! I’ll never know I guess, but it’s definitely not something I’m going to forget.


I actually think I pulled off the same move Rob Zacny was talking about in yesterday’s Waypoint Radio?

There’s a security room you need clearance for early on in Prey, but I had found a crossbow that shoots nerf-like darts, both of which were constructed by some of the Talos 1 engineers in their spare time to fuck around and be office pranksters.

The security room has windows into it, but they ain’t big enough for a human body to bust through. Big enough for a precision nerf dart, though! I had to create just the right height platform using the GLOO gun (makes big, crusty globs you can stand on) so I could aim through the window while crouching. Had to be just the right angle and from just the right distance (there’s bullet drop, and it is just a Styrofoam-y dart), but when I hit it and opened it I felt like such a clever bastard.

Found some neruomods inside. I’m getting a high count of these early on due to this kind of fuckery.