The Story Behind the All-Woman Team Who Invented the Otome Genre


In 1994, a brand new type of game aimed at teenage girls, titled Angelique, was released for Super Famicom. Developed by the newly-formed team at Koei (now Koei Tecmo) known as Ruby Party, Angelique had players assume the role of a young high school girl who is selected to compete for the role of the future queen of the universe. Nine handsome male guardians who serve the current queen are sent to lend their powers to the protagonist. Enlisting aid from a guardian raises their affection level, while also helping the protagonist win the contest to populate her land with the most people. It’s up to players to decide whether to pursue a relationship with one of the men, or fulfill her celestial duty and become queen.

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More of this type of content please!


Yes, this is great! If you are interested in experiencing Angelique, I recommend this terrific video of Gita Jackson and Tim Rogers playing it.


Nice to see Anne Lee on waypoint! She used to host a great japanese gaming/media podcast, chic pixel plus.


This was interesting. Please more from Anne Lee.


Some of the stuff on Keiko Erikawa’s wiki entry is great if true.


Chiming in to say that I would also like to see more from Anne Lee on the site!

And more about otome games in general, really! I don’t know if anyone on the staff would really enjoy them, but I had a great time playing through a few last year. Code: Realize in particular was excellent, and something I’d really like to see a discussion of the politics of since, though it’s not perfect, if definitely takes a more critical look at (a steampunk version of) England than I expected. Amnesia was also decent (it might have taken me a year or two to actually finish all of it due to some of the routes, but Kent’s route is still wonderful) and CollarxMalice was pretty great too.

And we actually seem to be getting otome games at a pretty aggressive pace this year, if store listings are to be believed. Code: Realize’s sequel/fandisc is out at the end of the month on Vita, with the PS4 collection of both games hitting the same day. Based on listings, Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (which I’m pretty excited for- it’s well regarded and is a mystery with characters trapped in an unfamiliar mansion, and so on) could be out in April and 7scarlet out in May. It’s gonna be a big few months for otome games if they do come out (and Aksys has a little more time to do QA/editing than the past couple releases…) so it’d be neat to see more coverage as well.


i’m super glad to see more writing on this subject! i didn’t get to go in depth on this team and this is well researched. glad to see the women who contributed so much getting so much recognition