The Story Behind the Street Fighter RPG You Never Heard Of

As an illustration of just how different the 1990s were from our current hell world, roleplaying games were steady, if not big, business. TSR was still plugging along, hitting new creative heights in their 2nd edition AD&D settings like Planescape and Dark Sun. Chaosium, hoary creators of Runequest and Call of Cthulhu, were experiencing a renaissance with new editions of their classic games. You could get jobs (with benefits!) making the groggiest of grognard games, modeling armor slopes and muzzle velocities in paper and cardboard form for companies like Avalon Hill.

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I don’t know about the legal status of it (I suspect “not very” but on the other hand it’s apparently been around unmolested for the better part of 2 years?), but if anyone’s curious this is apparently a compilation of rules:

also someone made a web app to handle the card based combat system:

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We recently interviewed the current CEO and Lead ST for White Wolf Entertainment.

White Wolf’s best game IMO, and probably features more warnings per page count on how dangerous guns actually are in the real world, versus in the world of SF:TSG

The best part of the game (for me) was ignoring the hex-based tournament focused rules in the game, and instead just playing it like any other TTRPG; basically playing Street Fighter: the Movie (anime version) as an RPG. You were able to do so much more with that route.

OMG THANKS! As soon as I read the article and thought “I need this game in my life” and… HERE IT IS! :grinning:

This game legit ruled.