'The Surge' Is More Than a Sci-Fi 'Dark Souls' Clone


The developers behind 'Lords of the Fallen' have given their latest game an identity.

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I’m not happy hearing there’s only 5 bosses in the game. That sounds to me like it’s a short game where its length is hidden by its difficulty.

This sounds like a game that I’d enjoy, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it at full price any time soon.


This is all from memory, but I think Patrick had basically the same first impressions of Nioh - that it does some interesting things with the formula to make it something other than just a Souls-clone. I get the feeling he fell off Nioh fairly quickly, but don’t remember that for sure. I’ll be curious to see if The Surge can carry it’s weight through the whole game in a way that Nioh couldn’t.

Personally, the difficulty spikes of Nioh put me off fast. I beat the first boss (in the tower) on my second try. It took me over 20 tries to beat the second (in the ship). Then I got insta-killed by the lightning rabbit-dog thing a few times and just gave up.

This has always been my personal difficulty with the Souls series. I love the games (even enjoyed Lords of the Fallen somewhat), but the only ones I’ve actually beaten are Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls 1. I love traversing the world, where I have time to survey my approach and encounters, with constant underlying tension. But I die so fast in the boss fights that I don’t even have time to formulate & execute plans.

I’ve thought for awhile that I would like the Souls games better without bosses, so The Surge’s approach of fewer bosses and more meaningful regular encounters actually piques my interest quite a bit.


I think the game is quite good, but it’s lacking the cohesive vision and tone to make it great. There are soul analogs and bonfire analogs, but I couldn’t tell you what specifically they provide to the overall experience.

I really love the bulky, bolted-together robot suit you construct from parts that you knock off of your enemies, but it’s too easy to farm sets of equipment which takes away from the feel of being a scrappy scavenger equipping yourself with whatever you can find.

The rhythm of Dark Souls combat fits really well, but the deliberate physicality is undercut with big flashy quicktime action finishers that enemies awkwardly slide into place to take.


I was wondering what they consider a boss though when they say this, like all of the Souls games only have four to five “bosses” each in a “this is the ultimate foe of this region/part of the story” way and that’s how they come across in the games’ in-game lore as well

If it’s really just five areas with one boss fight each though that’s going to make for a pretty weak game, and like you as much I want to play Sci-Fi Souls I’ll be waiting on this. The atmosphere and build up to all the boss fights and the bosses themselves are half the appeal of this type of game to me (something Nioh really nailed).