The Surge - maybe a pleasant surprise?


As a massive Souls fan, as I’m sure many others here are, I can’t not watch a new Souls game, or Souls adjacent game like a hawk. So far, the only Souls-like that people have seemed to generally have a fondness for are Salt and Sanctuary and Nioh. While Nioh had me for the first twenty hours, I felt it devolved in to kind of a mess about halfway through. Repetitive environments, uninteresting story, and equipment that lacked soul (pun intended.) Though I own it, I’ve never played Salt and Sanctuary.

The Surge is a curious one. From Deck13, the same developers of the pretty shameless and generally “just OK” Lords of the Fallen, I’ve been pretty skepitcal. Aside from the kinda “meh” impressions I’ve gotten from pre-release footage, the fact that it’s been on sale through it’s entire pre-release cycle has not boded well.

But as of last week, we’ve been seeing impressions of review code, and it seems to be a unanimous “Huh, this is actually really cool.”

So WP community, are you going to pick up The Surge? Are you excited? Mostly just curious? Wait for reviews?


Team Ninja proved with Nioh that devs are paying attention to the Souls formula, what works and what doesn’t. I’m also dubious of Deck13, but they have a Souls-style game under their belt already, and I can’t imagine they’ve been 100% deaf to the audience reaction it got. Maybe they’ve learned something, and sci-fi Souls is something many, many people have been craving. I’ll be picking up the demo, for sure.


I’ll check it out. Thought it looked all right when I saw it at E3 last year, but the recent positive impressions have me feeling optimistic about it. Didn’t click with Lords of the Fallen at all – between how slow the game felt from top to bottom and how it placed my bloodstain just out of reach one of the times I died, it wasn’t a good time – but I’m willing to give Deck13 another shot and see if they’ve gotten it right this time.


I think that when I had the phrase “sci-fi Souls” in my head, I was just thinking about something much different than what The Surge is. Looking at screenshots and video, I haven’t seen anything that’s stylistically really interesting or slick that makes me think I need this right now for the coolness alone.

I also really didn’t enjoy playing Lords of the Fallen–the feel of the game was maddening, it felt slower and more disconnected than Souls does. For me, it’ll be a matter of waiting on general opinion and then sales–not ready to jump in just yet.


You definitely have a point with the aesthetic. The central conceit is more cartoonish, which could work in its favor, but we all want that sweet grimdark space station dungeon-crawl.

Teleporting suddenly becomes a Big Deal in the sci-fi Souls system-story intermarriage that FromSoft loves to do. Holy shit.


Yesssss. Especially after seeing that Tokyo Souls fan art that went around that was really something that kept the visually dark, solemn feeling of Souls but transposed it to a different setting, the bright and colorful mechs of The Surge just ain’t right.


Yeah the whole suite of that fan art had me fucking lit. Especially the image with her fighting the corrupted tank.

Yeah doggie, I wants that.

EDIT: This…


Everything about that fanart series… Just everything.

My ideal sci-fi Souls has some Dead Space, Neuromancer, and Ancillary Justice in there.


Hahaha, I really like how we were all silently on the same wavelength. There’s something to be said for fan/concept art that makes you feel like you’re playing the game immediately.


The potential for a contemporary-set Souls game has some major mechanical potential. Somewhere between Bloodborne and Nier: Automata feels right to me.


Yeah - I really applaud The Surge going for a super specific kind of sci-fi (sort of like Edge of Tomorrow?) It’s just not for me. That being said I drunkenly pre-ordered it last night… sooo…

Also, for reference, here’s the full suite of images for those in need:


Oh yeah, I hadn’t seen these but I’m way into it. So much of what I love about Souls games is aesthetics, and The Surge’s pseudo “Neil Blomkamp movie” look isn’t really doing anything for me. This artwork, on the other hand, has so much stuff that I love. The idea of using a smartphone as a catalyst is so cool!


“Miracles” and “sorceries” are actually just satellite transmissions, airstrikes, directed radiation. A mix of melee weapons ranging from pristine keepsakes, to stuff out of Dead Rising. Boss fights right out of Gantz?

I’m tearing up.


Dang boi that’s the money zone right there.

‘Souls’ empty the enemy’s bank account via 4g.

Invaders hack in to your reality

Let’s keep the money train rollin’


Oh… Oh boy. I think “souls” could be metadata. The digital ghost of who you are, what you did, and where you’ve been.

I need a boss fight at the top of Tokyo Tower with a corrupted smart-chopper – a la GitS Jigabachi – just covered in corrupted SDF soldiers hanging on for dear life. Upon beating it, you receive the CPU and learn it was the last chopper to leave the doomed SDF base in Tokyo, taking the soldiers clinging to its runners high, only to plunge to their deaths.

A server farm turned into a harrowing dungeon full of androids…


As someone who actually kinda hates the Souls Games’ aesthetic this game looks like one I might actually try? The oppressive difficulty might be bearable if I’m not also dealing with oppressive environmental design and art direction.

The only thing putting me off is like. I don’t understand why all of these Soulslikes refuse to do character creation. Like. Please do not make me play as Bald Dude McWhitey why even would you


Watching the Quick Look on it, the aesthetic is not pleasing. I think I would like to play that Tokyo Souls game more, if it were to be made. Ultimately, I want more bonzo sci-fi than stuff that feels near future dystopia.


SON. Metadata. Yes. Correct.

I think we’re missing some quasi-biblical references and AI tho.

So, In the near future, Google buys the entire island of Okinawa from the government of Japan and becomes a micro-nation complete with it’s own sovereign government, and quickly rises to the top of the world powers because of their global influence and data-monopoly. Google erects a two mile high skyscraper that is a massive server farm. It is called “The Tower of Babel” They raise their own private army. Their soldiers equipped with neural transmitters that overlay AR information fed directly from Babel. Those same neural transmitters become not just a household name, but as ubiquitous as smart phones are today.

In a power play, The Pirate Bay, once a file sharing and hacktivist group, now an underground rebellion, cracks through the Google’s black ice, shutting down the server farm temporarily. This not just creates a global panic and financial meltdown, but breaks free the restraints of True Day Dream. What once started as a tech experiment morphed into a fully sentient AI. A young being. An angry child. One that takes control over the neural implants of the world’s population, including the autonomous weaponry with which most war is fought. People lose their minds, skulking around the streets, killing anybody not chipped.

You are one of the few people on the earth who was never implanted. Your family raised you as a neo-ludite in a small farming town outside of Tokyo. You take it upon yourself to reach the Tower of Babel and finally stop The True Day Dream.

^^^ Ok, so I think I just made the plot of every anime ever. Or, made a dope setting for a tabletop campaign? That I would totally run with you guys?


I think I might give The Surge a shot (game seems already out in some countries). Lot of streams rn and so far all the feedback is very positive. It’s still a Dark Souls like (actually, closer to Bloodborne in combat philosophy) but Deck13 put some cool ideas to be more than a rip off in a scifi setting. TotalBiscuit & Jim Sterling among others seem to enjoy the game:

I don’t know how reviews will go for this one, but I’m confident it’ll be a good surprise. I guess its biggest flaw so far is the “made by the creators of LotF” label (lot of people are already noping it just for that… as if a dev couldn’t improve).


Tokyo Dark Souls sounds like something I would love so much that I would only be able to hate it if they actually made it by virtue of how much skevey fan service would inevitably make it’s way into it. I would want that game to be as tasteful as the souls games are at their best but I imagine it would be much more like like NIS games at their worst

It’s such a cool idea though. SMT (Circa Nocturne) Dark Souls would just be so damn great