The Surprise Horror Hit 'Devotion' Is Probably Never Coming Back to Steam

Developer Red Candle Games pulled its horror game Devotion from Steam four months ago. In a statement released on social media today, it admitted Devotion probably isn’t coming back. Players and critics praised the Taiwanese developer for crafting a scary and thoughtful game about exploring the home of a family under the power of a religious cult. Red Candle Games pulled Devotion from Steam after a players discovered it contained a political joke that mocked Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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First PT, now this… :disappointed_relieved:

This is worse because it’s state pressured censorship.

I wonder where all the free speech warriors are for this ACTUAL censorship…

For anyone else who’s real disappointed about this you may, like me, be interested in seeing a Let’s Play recorded by katbampow and featuring friend of Waypoint Jack DeQuidt.

They have a VOD of the start up here:
(Very detailed CW for this video and the game as a whole appear in text at the very beginning)

And they’re basically premiering pre-recorded episodes nightly on twitch. Sucks that we can’t all access the game but I’ve really enjoyed their first episode and I’m looking forward to the rest.

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