The Surprise Horror Hit 'Devotion' Is Probably Never Coming Back to Steam

Developer Red Candle Games pulled its horror game Devotion from Steam four months ago. In a statement released on social media today, it admitted Devotion probably isn’t coming back. Players and critics praised the Taiwanese developer for crafting a scary and thoughtful game about exploring the home of a family under the power of a religious cult. Red Candle Games pulled Devotion from Steam after a players discovered it contained a political joke that mocked Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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First PT, now this… :disappointed_relieved:

This is worse because it’s state pressured censorship.

I wonder where all the free speech warriors are for this ACTUAL censorship…

For anyone else who’s real disappointed about this you may, like me, be interested in seeing a Let’s Play recorded by katbampow and featuring friend of Waypoint Jack DeQuidt.

They have a VOD of the start up here:
(Very detailed CW for this video and the game as a whole appear in text at the very beginning)

And they’re basically premiering pre-recorded episodes nightly on twitch. Sucks that we can’t all access the game but I’ve really enjoyed their first episode and I’m looking forward to the rest.

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Reviving this thread to say that Devotion is once again available to purchase directly from Red Candle Games’ store


I’m just so happy it’s available again in any capacity at all.

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