The Swords of Ditto - A Few thoughts

So I bought The Swords of Ditto this weekend after watching Austin stream it, and I feel like my opinion is pretty different from what he and Patrick thought on the podcast and I wanted to share why. I think a lot of this game is expectation management. It was helpful for me to hear how much grinding was going to be involved int this game. I think I went in with proper expectations. I just wanted to poke around the world, explore some dungeons, and maybe get into the lore if it was there (it is interesting, btw, but doled out randomly which is weird).

So I just wanted to comment on a couple things, mostly from Austin’s stream, to help sway some people who may have been scared off (and maybe convince Austin to give the game another chance?)

  1. The Grinding… isn’t as bad as it seems at first glance.
    The impression I got from watching the stream was that some runs would be dedicated just to grinding. This isn’t the case, but it’s something you have to find. Time stops while you’re in a dungeon or town. This is important because… there are mini dungeons on nearly every screen! And these aren’t level locked. There are holes in the ground, caves, and special rooms that will stop time upon entry. These let you rack up experience and loot without using any time. Additionally, most of these have several treasure chests that give stickers or some really neat new toys on occasion. If you fight through these as you come upon them, you will have no issues with leveling. This also leads into…
  2. Loot.
    I noticed Austin seemed to be having issues where he just wasn’t finding cool stuff. I think this is because he though, understandably, he should head to the toy dungeons to get the legendary toys right away. As a result, he didn’t have many good stickers or useful toys, and he died in the dungeon. If you explore the mini dungeons, you’ll find plenty of neat loot.

This isn’t meant to rag on Austin. It’s not his fault for not noticing these things. It’s on the dev for hiding things that are super important to the pacing.

As a side note, I’ve heard people complain about how the time limit doesn’t give you enough time to explore. To that I’ll say that after exploring every dungeon I came across, I spent 6 hours on a single run. I actually just beat the game… on my second run. This is sort of a problem in a different way, since dying at any point would have been super upsetting, but I had soooo many healing items that was never an issue.

What have other people thought of this game? I’m curious.


I haven’t played the game and I don’t think I will be any time soon because I’m trying to save money, but I probably would enjoy it as it seem like a top down version of Rogue Legacy.

But I do want to say that I appreciate when users offer different points of views and counterpoints to staff’s thoughts. So just wanted to say thanks and I appreciate this post! Helps put some things about the game in perspective.

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