The Systems in 'Troubleshooter' Revel in Anime Style Excess

When we talk about anime, what generally comes to mind is over the top, larger than life characters and situations. The robots are big, the emotions are intense. And though anime that takes a more subtle approach exists, the maximalist approach is certainly one of the more popular modes for this medium. So what if you took that approach, and applied it not just to the characters and the story, but to game mechanics as well? This week on Waypoint Radio, Austin takes us through his time with Troubleshooters, a game that revels in maximalism. We also discuss the recent Xbox Series X presentation, which left us kind of cold on next gen. You can read an excerpt and listen to the full episode below.

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Y’all this just looks like anime XCOM and I could be down for that.

The only other thing I want to address in this review is the translation. If you’re the type of person that can read a grammatically incorrect/oddly-structured sentence, but still grasp the ideas and sentiment of what was being conveyed through said sentence, then the translation isn’t going to hinder your enjoyment of the game. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, and the developers have plans to hire a proper translation team down the line once they’re able to afford it. Until then, in order to help fix the game’s translation, the developers look to player feedback regarding translation issues, and act quickly to fix any that are brought to their attention. There is also a convenient in-game translation tool that allows you to edit all dialog within the game, while also allowing you to view other’s suggestions and upvote the ones that you think are the best.

~From Delayed HopKicks review on Steam

That’s honestly a really cool way for a developer to approach translations when they can’t afford it.


Sure, Chorvs has spaceships but it does it have the Troy Baker/Laura Bailey musical duet we were robbed of in the various games they were duel lead cast in throughout the last generation like Chorus does?

The more I say “Chorvs” the more uncomfortable I get. It sounds like a racist slur against like orcs or something in a crappy fantasy novel.


Ever since Saints Row the Third, I’ve wanted BioWare to hire Laura Bailey to voice a new Mass Effect protagonist, purely because I love the idea of my character singing karaoke with not-Garrus.

It just makes me think of chives. Chorvs: space chives. (Seriously, I do hope Chorus is good. The basic concept - story-driven space game about a defector from an evil empire and her mysterious sapient starfighter - rules.)

The Ghostrunner Demo WR is already down to 2:38, and nobody’s even using out-of-bounds strats yet AFAICT.

Is it possible that Troubleshooter talks about Spoons as energy in the same way Spoon Theory talks about Spoons as energy?

For a minute I thought this was a sequel to the Mega Drive shmup “Trouble Shooter”, AKA Battle Mania. Doesn’t appear to be the case.