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05:00 AM: Everything should reset, as it does every day. Houses are built, trees grow, rocks are resupplied, fossils hint at their presence, waiting to be unearthed by townsfolk passing by. Every day, Isabelle would notice these things as she walked to the town square, but today was different. The trees showed no sign of growth, the bridge was still under construction, not a thing had changed from the day before. Perhaps Tom would know what was happening.

But when she opened the doors to Town Hall, he was not there. His golf clubs had been knocked over, his leaf adorned shirt left crumpled on the floor. On his crafting table lay four rotting turnips.

Something was amiss. But who was behind this? It would take the cooperation of the entire town to find out.


For the last couple of years, we have been working to get another Mafia game off the ground after the success of the first game. Given the Waypoint Forums turning 3 today, we figured now would be a great time to celebrate and play. This post will be a walkthrough for those new to the concept and those familiar and wondering what to expect. It will be a bit more complicated than the previous game, but should still be approachable for those who have never played before.

An Intro to Mafia

This is a game that will take place over the course of (typically) 7-14 real days. In it, players are divided into two factions: Islanders (The Town, in common parlance) and Stalk Traitors (Our Mafia.) The goal of each team is to be the last standing.

Mafia is divided into two distinct phases: a Day Phase and a Night phase. During the Day phase (typically one full real day), the denizens of the island debate amongst themselves in this thread about who may secretly be a Stalk Traitor, and at the end choose to vote (or not!) on a member to move away. The Stalk Traitors will be working to secretly undermine this discussion, so paranoia and fear are your greatest weapons and weaknesses. At the end of the day, we will post the results of your deliberations and reveal the chosen player’s alignment…before removing them from the game permanently. The town must agree on a simple majority by the end of the day for a vote to take effect.

At Night, secret plans spring into action. The Mafia chooses amongst themselves who amongst the Islanders to get rid of, and certain players amongst the Islanders will be able to perform actions at night with the intent of stopping them. All players with a role will submit DMs to the game master! As morning arrives, we will make a post summarizing what occurred in the evening, and who remains. Please note that DMs are not meant to be sent between players, unless they are the Mafia/Stalk Traitors or one of the Abel Sisters.

The game repeats this day and night cycle until all threats to your faction’s dominance have been eliminated. For the Town, that means getting rid of all Mafia and the Serial Killer. For the Mafia, that means outnumbering the town (and getting rid of the Serial Killer). For the Serial Killer, you win when you’re the last remaining player on the island.

Day phases and Night phases will each last 24 hours, and change at 07:00 PM EST.

There will be a day thread and a general hub thread. The day thread will be used for all strategic game discussion and will only be open during the “day”. The hub thread will be used for off-topic chatting and you can post in it even if you’re dead in-game, or not playing! The hub can also be used to note if you’ll be offline for a long period of time and other procedural information, as long as it cannot be construed as strategically relevant.

For a more detailed look into the basics of play, This Flash, despite being Old and On Newgrounds has been a useful resource for the Mafia community for years.

I’ve played Mafia before, what should I expect?

This game will be a bit more complex than the previous game we played on the forums, but still relatively simple as we have only played one other game on the forum before this.

How do I sign up?

Just post in this thread confirming your intentions to sign up. Keep in mind that this is a game that relies on a certain level of activity - you don’t need to be constantly available, but if you just don’t show up for days at a time, we’ll have to replace you or remove your character from the game. The game works in a 24 hour day cycle so don’t worry about needing to be available at a specific time (though end of day is always interesting), as long as at some point in any given day you take the time to check in and vote. Though of course, the more active you are, the more you’re likely to get out of the experience.

The Roles

These special roles, both town and mafia, will send PMs to the game master when specified to utilize their powers in an attempt to help their factions win. Note: not all roles may be included in the final game.

The Islanders

Brewster (Town Investigator)

You’re the one who knows everyone, you have talked to everyone who passes through the town, and have a knack for getting the truth out of people.

Once per night, you can message the game master to choose another player to investigate. The game master will tell you their alignment and role, if they have any.

Blathers (Town Doctor)

You’re the one who manages the town museum, but you’ve been known to talk… and talk, and talk some more.

Once per night, pick a player. If they’ve been targeted to be killed that night, they will remain safe thanks to you, as they’ll be preoccupied listening to you all night as you go on and on about trilobites and coelacanths.

Mabel and Sable (Masons)

While things may be out all out of sorts, you two have been through so much together, and nothing will tear your bond apart.

You will find out the identity of the other Abel sister once another town role dies or on the third night, whatever comes first. From that point forward, you will be allowed to dm each other.

Gulliver (Commuter)

You’ve been in your fair share of shipwrecks, the Stalk Traitors couldn’t be any more dangerous than that!

You’re immune to all night actions on two nights of your choosing.

Isabelle (Morning Announcer)

Things are difficult now, but you are doing your best to make sure people remain informed each morning.

Each night you can dm the game master a message that will be delivered by the game master the next morning.

Blanca (Universal Backup)

You may be a blank slate right now, but when the time comes, you’ll paint your face and be able to help out however the town needs you to.

When the first player with a town role dies, you will take their role.

Tortimer (Double Voter)

You may not be mayor anymore, but you still hold influence in this town.

Your vote is equivalent to two votes.


You have no special abilities. This may all be a little scary, but if you all work together and remain calm, you can get through this!

The Stalk Traitors (aka The Mafia)

The Stalk Traitors are allowed to communicate with each other in DMs, and will know the identities of one another. Once per night, they may pick a target to kill.

Joan (Godfather)

You are the Sow in charge. You keep the turnips growing and the bells flowing, and you will not be stopped.

You are immune to being identified by Brewster, or being killed at night.

Lyle (Role Blocker)

You are an expert in fine print, you know how to manipulate the red tape in your favor and stop people from being able to do their job.

Each night, you can stop one other player from being able to use their role power.

Redd (Role Investigator)

Nobody trusts you - and frankly they shouldn’t - but everyone still comes to see you whenever you stop by, it must be all those paintings you sell.

Once each night, you can investigate a person to determine their Role.

Villager (Mafia Goon)

You are a menace. A tree-chopping, turnip-selling, nook-miling menace.

You have no other powers beyond being part of the Stalk Traitors, but you couldn’t have seriously thought you’d be aligned with the Islanders, right?

But wait, but there’s one more person in town…

Zipper (Serial Killer)

You are still bitter from all the disgust sent your way last month. All you wanted to do was make others happy, but nobody appreciated all the hard work you did hiding all those eggs in the trees… and the rivers, rocks, sky, everywhere. You put in so much work and all you received were insults. Well, it’s time for your revenge.

You aren’t aligned with the Islanders or the Stalk Traitors. Your goal is to simply make sure everybody else dies. You win if there is nobody else left at the end of the game.

Once per night, you may pick a target to kill.

Cody, Glorgu, and WeedLordVegeta

The Game Masters (aka, GM’s). Every role sends us a PM for an action, and we make a post every evening and morning summarizing the events of the last phase.



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The flavour text is extremely good. I am so in!!


I loved the last one even though I was so quickly snuffed out, I am in!


Yay! I’m down to do this again, and glad to see some familiar faces in here from last time :slight_smile:.

Have I learned any lessons from the last time? Who could say! Will I at some point be making some amateur mistakes? Almost assuredly!


Sign me up! I’ve watched an awful lot of Mafia streams lately so I’m basically an expert now and I definitely won’t get swept this time… :grimacing:


I’ll play! I haven’t played forum mafia for a lonnnnnnng time so I’m probably not great but this sounds fun!


This sounds like a great time, yes yes. Sign me up.


Had so much fun last time and met lots of awesome new people, please sign me up again!


Count me in as a backup o/


I’d like to join as well! Been a while since I last played, but mafia’s always fun!


Work might get in the way, and I’ve never played this before, but I’ll give it a try


I’m almost done for the semester, so I’m in!


I would love to play!


Please add me as backup. :slight_smile:


Welcome everyone! We want to get this started in the next week or so, so if you know anyone who would be interested in forum Mafia, let them know about this thread!

I’m not sure what how busy I’ll be when this pops off, so put me down as a back-up. :slight_smile: