The Theme Park Thread


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Honestly y’all should check out the Defunctland episode about Superstar Limo. It captures the essence of the ride perfectly.

I showed a friend over on the Discord a POV video about it and just watching their reaction was priceless.


So recently, I had a meeting with a client who wants a promotional video for their haunted house attraction, which led me to watch other promotional videos for haunted houses and then I just started watching video walkthroughs of different haunts.

One observation that outside of Universal Studios Florida’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Berry Farm also goes all out for Halloween with several haunted house attractions.It also reminds me of how much most haunts bug me when they stick to the tired themes of haunted asylums. Although Knott’s Berry Farm did had a tooth fair themed one that took place in a haunted dentist’s office, while it took some inspiration from silent hill, it does have some incredibly creative imagery reflecting on the childhood horrors of visiting the Dentist.

Little hesitant to post the video because of some scary imagery and, obviously, the setting. But if you’re up for it google Knott’s Scary Farm Tooth Fairy Scary Maze. CW’s for teeth, gore, and loud sounds.


I’m from Florida so I grew up going to theme parks on family vacations and school field trips. In college when I got really interested in anthropology of tourism I took a more academic interest in Disney World. Theme parks offer so much to think about and chow down on be it work culture, aesthetics and design, history, or marketing.

I regularly watch disney park videos (I also find them relaxing) but one of my favorite fall time activities is looking up haunted house videos on youtube. It’s fun to see what the folks at universal, knott’s berry, and busch gardens come up with. I agree the haunted asylum theme is very tired. I was really into the retro-1950s alien scare zone at the orlando horror nights last year. I always enjoy when they get creative.


Yeah, when folks get creative and do cool things, it’s worth taking a look. It does seem that Universal is more interested in taking horror movie properties, like the Purge.