The thirstiest games


I’m asking this for a friend: what are the games with the thirstiest casts?


Definitely Pokemon


Saint’s Row 4. Everyone is down for everything.


Soda Drinker Pro.


Persona 5, to the point where it is super disturbing


Soda drinker pro


I mean, are we limited to games that aren’t, you know, sex games?

Because if we’re not this is gonna get honry fast.


Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


Hideo Kojima Presents


Theme Park. Maximum salt on those fries, friends.


Goldeneye 64, multiplayer. Judo, golden pistols, cruising public restrooms in Ukraine.


No Deadly Premonition? Come on now.



literally everyone in the galaxy fucks


I’m still waiting for a game with a Footloose/Grease level of small town America teenage thirst.


Zelda: BotW.

Just spend a few hours in the game running around as twink Link er, shirtless, and many characters have some sort of quip on Link’s shirtlessness. Don’t get me started on the great fairies.


Resident Evil series


I’m pretty sure the entire cast of Danganronpa 2 either fucks or wants to fuck and I love it.


Bravely Default has the single thirstiest character of all time in Ringabel. That guy a sponge that can’t be quenched.


I mean, if “thirsty” is “horny” in this prompt, it’s gotta go to Teddy in Persona 4, right? Dude doesn’t care what shape or label you are, you gettin’ creeped upon.


Teddie just needs a senpai