The thread for things that make you go "Hmm"


Let’s take a moment to talk about the mildly peculiar things in gaming - odd coincidences you glare sideways at that won’t ever get any resolution, obscure prerelease things you find amusing or bizarre, foggy development details, and on and on.

I’ll start off:

There’s a song called “Gravity” by an artist called DJ Fresh. It talks about gravity not holdin’ us down.

DJ Fresh’s “Louder” was used as the main musical track for Wipeout 2048’s marketing, and the backing track for its animated opening.

Studio Liverpool was closed in 2012 while the next Wipeout was supposedly about 70% done.

Sony Interactive has been known to use this song in other things, such as at events, and in other trailers, like the trailer for Rigs.

They clearly, for some reason, have some form of rights over the track.



That Magic Carpet turbo sound… It’s… EVERYWHERE…!


It’s like the Wilhelm scream of video game sound effects.

A similar one’s the literal “scream” when you click the Terran academy in Starcraft 1


Wow… I thought nothing of that as a kid, but hearing it now… it’s kinda eerie.


FUck, I was playing the remastered campaign a few months ago and would keep unsettling myself every time I accidentally clicked the Academy. Worst part of the experience by far.


I miss wipEout. 2048 had the best opening alongside Pure.