‘The Town of Light’ Leverages Reality to Portray Survival Horror


How developer LKA takes a credible look at the real horror of mental institutions.

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I’ve heard some pretty gross things about how exploitative this game ended up being, so I wonder if this rerelease is going to address that at all or just make things worse? It’s a shame, because it seemed appealing conceptually, but then some LPers I follow on Twitter were outright horrified by what they streamed, to the point that I didn’t even want to see it for myself after what they said was in it.


It’s totally possible that I’m missing something, but the article didn’t seem to be talking about a re-release but instead about the development of the original. If the artist is talking about sensitivity, and the article seems to be taking that at face value, I think it would be a really interesting discussion to see what apparently went so totally wrong.