The Tragedy of 'The Order: 1886' and Its Wasted Setting


It will never get a sequel and perhaps doesn't deserve one, but its silly premise resulted in a memorable, resonant world.

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I’m really hopeful Ready at Dawn Games is able to make a game at the budget/level that they made 1886 at. I loved their work for a long time. Daxter on the PSP was my shit. Not at 1886 budget wise, but I still loved the game.


I think the same about The Order 1886. I am still so dissapointed that such an amazing setting is used with such boring gameplay and plot.

I also kiiiinda think the saem about the new Prey. I LOVE THE TALOS I TO DEATH, I love exploring it, but I completely hated the combats.


I am still bummed out that we never got a sequel for XIII - the Ubisoft shooter based on the French comic series of the same name.
That game had everything going for it: unique, bold aesthetic choices that allowed it to age really graciously (they made it look like a comic book, with cell-shaded graphics and actual rectangular panels and sound indicators), great gunplay (and decent stealth mechanics for its time), and an exciting story that ends on a big cliffhanger that has yet to be resolved.

The MMO-ification and subsequent erasure from the canon of the Knights of the Old Republic franchise is also devastating, but with EA retaining exclusive rights to Star Wars games, there is still a chance we’ll get another story-focused RPG in that universe. I just hope they don’t go down the “big but empty open world” route that the latest Bioware titles had adhered to.


I never played it, but I definitely also thought 1886 was an interesting idea.

My 1886 would have to be the Crimson Skies universe though. Swashbuckling pirates flying planes in a fractured USA during a prohibition-like era! Sign me up.


Thank you Rob for writing this article!

Despite its (very well documented) flaws, 1886 is personally one of the most memorable games I’ve played in the last couple of years and it’s a real gut punch that I agree we’ll probably never see its story continued. If they could pick it up in novel or even comic book form I would eat that up, but I think its universe has been relegated to the world of fan-fiction which I don’t know that I can endure. :pensive:


Gonna preface this by saying that I never actually played it, but I did sit next to a friend for 5 hours while he played through most of it. From what I gathered, the graphics, atmosphere, aesthetics and mechanics were extremely good. My friend is a big Gears of War fan and he still tells me that he really liked the gunplay in that game. The biggest issue I can remember people saying about it when it came out was that it was so short and lacked content outside of the main campaign. When the play session he was on while I was watching ended, we both essentially came to the conclusion that we were interested in seeing what “The Order: 1887” would look like. So I can relate to the sentiment that it was a waste that it’ll never get a sequel. Especially considering how many average IP debuts last gen resulted in spectacular sequels.


The gunplay was fantastic. One of the best shotguns in a shooter ever, and I loved the novelty weapons. The only things that were really a let down about the game were the lycan fights which obviously never came together. (I’m not counting the boss duels, either, since those were pretty cool and played much better than the end of Uncharted 4)

It wasn’t even particularly short at around 7.5 hours of play time. It was an absolutely sumptuous experience to be in all those amazing environments and I would love to have seen where the King Arthur story was going.


Pretty much what I was thinking when I beat the game. So much promise, and I was actually starting to get excited by the story only to see the credits roll soon after. I still enjoyed my time with it, but I know me getting it for the super low price of $10 when it went on sale on PSN and long after all the hype and disappointment made it easier for me to appreciate the game.


I plan to check out The Order eventually, just waiting for it to fall below the magic £10 mark.


PS+ discount & buying PSN credit for slightly cheaper than SRP means it has just about hit that magical mark in the current PSN sale if you’re prepared to buy it digitally. (Sale ends tomorrow)