The Underrated Charm of the Much-Maligned 'Metroid Prime Hunters'


The 2006 DS title was hugely ambitious, but its workarounds for portable play made it a sometimes uncomfortable ride.

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I was active for a couple months in the online multiplayer - got really good at the claw-hand controls for a while there

I’d love to see an HD, console-based reboot of that multiplayer some time. It was up there with Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal for me as an under-rated online shooter of the era


Probably says a lot that I know I played a ton of MPH back in the day, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what any of the characters look like.

I remember getting frustrated with the re-used assets, but as a teenager the other “hunters” were the coolest shit to me. The variations in powers and fighting styles were all very sleek, and when you encountered them in-game it was pretty scary. The local multiplayer was fun: I enjoyed playing the blue robotic one and chaining together an electric fence around opponents using their “ball” form.

When the DS first came out, it came with a demo for MPH that basically just sold me on the control scheme. It wasn’t ideal, but the sell of having keyboard and mouse-type accuracy on a handheld at the time was huge. (And the alternative, using a/b/x/y to look, was terrible)


I fucking love hunters and loved the spread of fear I send when noxus and whooshing the top scythe

Hurt my hand to play right tho