The Unexpected Realness of 'Haunting of Hill House,' a Drama With Ghosts


This time on Waypoints, Patrick brings us an article that delves into Instagram's harassment problem, Rob revisits Looper to find something less hard sci-fi, more crime movie, and Danielle is getting into the fall spirit by watching The Haunting of Hill House, a beautiful blend of very scary horror and family drama.

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If you’re looking for a kinda cheesy and trashy, but earnest, heartfelt and melodramatic horror show I’ll always recommend the first five seasons of Supernatural.
It has its problematic elements, it’s very cis and straight too, but it has a special place in my heart and October seems like the prime time to suggest some horror.

*the first season has some rough early episodes but it gets better, I promise.
**seasons 6 to 9 have some good moments and arcs too but 5 is a good cut-off point.


For anyone swinging by the forums after listening to the episode, we have a great & lively thread for Haunting of Hill House over in our #pop-media:film-tv section!


yo rob…got a secret 4 u…

ᵤ ₗᵢₖₑ ₕₒᵣᵣₒᵣ


Enjoyed the discussion as always but I wish one of you had finished watching the show (haunting of hill house) before recording this.


As a huge fan of Brick I was really excited for Looper, until I learned of the still-baffling decision to give JGL a rubberface.

How, what, where and why was that settled on as the best way to communicate Young Bruce Willis, I will never understand. When the move finally came out, it stung all the more that Mr Love-it was doing a very fun Bruno impression all on his own - no latex required.

I don’t think the movie would have lived up to Brick if that one detail was changed (though I am persuaded to give it a rewatch after this podcast), but equally it will never not bewilder me.