The Unlikely Journey of China's Souls-Inspired 'Pascal's Wager'

FromSoftware may have helped invent its own subgenre with Demon's Souls, but in the years since, you don't have to go very far to find a game deeply inspired by it. Pascal's Wager is one of them, the kind of game that takes all of a few seconds to realize "oh, these developers really liked Dark Souls" to know what it's up to. The difference with Pascal's Wager is that it first arrived on the iPhone, and only recently made it way onto the PC.

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I played after five minutes of this on a phone about a month ago, just because the title was intriguing. (I don’t know how it ties into a philosophical proto-game theory concept about betting on the existence of God, but I am interested.) I’m sorry, but this game just sucks. Maybe it can be good on a console, probably too generic.

One place you don’t want to play a Dark Souls is on a phone.

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Charming little interview. Thanks for this one, Patrick!

You know I thought this too but Bleak Sword is actually pretty neat. Only held back by being an Apple Arcade exclusive.

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I’m super curious about the title. Pascal’s wager is such a specific reference, so I’m curious if it’s thematic in anyway…

The real problem is that I don’t want to play any game on my phone. I’ve had two visual novels downloaded since I got my new iphone which came with three months free Apple Arcade, and I haven’t touched either.

The only thing I want to play on a phone is something mindless like solitaire or background noise like Piano Tiles 2.

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