The Unofficial Waypoint Community Creative Jam 2019!

Jam is live!

Howdy y’all it’s that time of year again and @Onarru, @OneGameDad, and I are happy to announce the start of another jam!

But this year we’re spicing things up, instead of just another normal month-long game jam this time it’s a month-long creative jam! Meaning you can make a video game, short story, audio track, poem, or whatever else you creatively enjoy doing or want to try!

The jam will start on June 29th, and continue till the end of July to give everyone 5 weekends to complete their projects. Even though this is a creative jam and not a game jam we will be using again because of the ease of setup and that you get a mini forum board with it.

Every year we also run a poll to give the Unofficial Jam an Official name, in the past this has been Big Boy Season and New Jam City. So keeping with the tradition please head on down to the polling station and select an existing candidate or write one in! The poll will remain open until Friday, June 28th Midnight (GMT-5) at which point the highest voted item will be made the title of the jam! In the event of a tie, identical mii fighters will be made in Smash Ultimate and the winner will be the name of the jam.

I’ll copy/paste the disclaimer from last year:

  • Feel free to add new items as long as they don’t contain the name of any Waypoint staff, aren’t already on the list (I’ll be deleting duplicates by lowest votes first), and don’t contain any offensive or derogatory language (I’ll also be deleting those). Feel free to vote for as many as you like. The software I used was the only simple solution I could find that allowed users to add names and vote for multiple choices, so let me know if you experience any trouble with it.

Rules for the jam will be:

  • Title of the piece should be a title from Waypoint Radio OR a Waypoint Forum thread title, random generator by @futuretuesday

  • Submissions can be anything, show us that really cool macaroni art of “Hit by the Hype Train”

  • Teams can be any size as long as full credit is given to all members

  • Each submission should have a thread in the jam page for organizational purposes but you should still share here on the forums as well!

  • All content used should be original or used with permission from the creator(s) and proper credit is given

  • Follow the Rules and Code of Conduct outlined on the Waypoint community forum

  • No NSFW content so as to avoid making people feel uncomfortable

  • Respect the Waypoint staff, and Waypoint extended family. Avoid including members of the staff or personalities related to Waypoint in your game in ways that are disrespectful, or might make them uncomfortable. When in doubt don’t do it

  • When giving criticism make sure to highlight something you like as well, and consider asking a question about a choice or a bug rather than offering advice. Remember that all the entries were made in limited time and creators probably know about any bugs/things they could have done better, but just didn’t have time to fix/improve things

  • Stay healthy, the jam is a month long so that no one should need to crunch or overwork themselves. Remember to take care of yourself! :heartfull:

We’re looking forward to seeing what everyone makes in the coming month and if you have any questions/concerns please feel to reach out!


This is really cool, I’m glad it’s expanding out. I might or might not have time to make even a twine game but I can at least try get a short story written up over the month. Time to scour the episode titles.

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Whomever came up with “Joyous Jam”, you got my vote!

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I’ll be stuck on an Amtrak for seven hours right when the jam starts, so mapping out a story idea is just about the best thing I could do with all of that time.

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Reminder that today’s the last day to vote on the name!

Three way tie, uh oh

Just barely beating out Riku Shows Up and The Joyous Jam we have our winner:

5 Star Creatives 5 Star Jam Times link coming soon but the jam has officially begun and we look forward to everyones work! Especially for them new Mario Maker 2 entries :eyes:


Jam page is up!

Figure I’ll join with a first time project that currently looks like

Should I submit it to the jam on Itch once it’s my “final” work or just whenever?

You can submit whenever and just update your project page which in turn shows up on the jam.

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I’ve settled on “Project D.A.N.I.E.L.L.E.” as a title (and will probably try to incorporate the phrase “the Riendeau Effect” somewhere).

Going to try working in GB Studio, because a jam is as good an excuse as any to learn a new tool. I use Pickle Editor for graphics.


The first submission to this year’s jam is already in! So go check it out!

You can also follow the jam or talk about in on the Waypoint community discord.

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Think I have a general idea of what to do, I’m just typically terrible with overscoping far too quickly so gotta keep that in mind.
Hope to submit something this year and to see what folks make!

I’m very close to being ready to submit a short story to this, I was hoping to do multiple but y’know, life happened. :eyes:

I’ve basically finished the main draft and then I need to edit it. I was writing it with a game and uhh, the rolls went bad so it’s bleaker than I originally intended for the goofy title “Uncle Death”.

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Same! I was really wanting to do a museum themed experience that was a tribute to the Source Engine and all the cool tech in it and it’s history over the last 15 years but life got kind of busy :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve got something but not nearly enough, got very busy with both work and being laid up with a fever, oh well maybe another time.

I haven’t been able to make a damn thing, as per usual.

I started out with my jam game Windy City Politics but actually got way more caught up in this tool that I thought would be quick to hack out. It’s just been a lot of fun to develop it further which stole my creative juices lol.

Even if I failed with my jam thing I’m still really happy I signed up, since it led to this!

I’ll hopefully get back to playing with the game a bit more once inkling has a few more features.

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A Rust version of Ink is pretty damn cool!

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I submitted! It’s a bit rough and also I don’t know the best settings for putting a story on :sweat_smile:

It’s a short story inspired by the title Uncle Death about shitty family called Family Legacy, enjoy!

EDIT: I should mention some context of how this was made. It’s made with an RP game. And ALL my rolls went bad, so that’s why the whole story is a downward spiral. I wouldn’t have chosen a bleak ending myself, but I had to respect the rolls.